Life after Lockdown: Shoppers attitude to in-store shopping

Life after Lockdown: Shoppers attitude to in-store shopping

With non-essential shops fully opened and this Friday being the first day of face covering wearing in England, what is shoppers attitude to the High Street? Will they return to the shops in droves with the government’s thought that face coverings give ‘reassurance’, or are they happy to stay away and shop online?

ChannelAdvisor have surveyed 1050 consumers to find out the answers and there are some interesting stats. Only 40% of consumers returned to the shops the first week that they opened with a massive 60% staying away, many it would seem perfectly happy with their online shopping experience and with no intention of returning to the high street any time soon.

An Infographic ChannelAdvisor have created reveals everything you need to know about life after lockdown and shoppers attitude to in-store shopping. What type of shops they’re most likely to visit, what concerns them most (is it fear of infection or a crappier in-store experience?), how comfortable they are about visiting different types of shops (small, department store, shopping centre, retail park) and, crucially for online sellers, where they will do their research before making a buying decision in-store…. or for those that would rather not yet visit the high street before they buy online.

You can download the full Life After Lockdown infographic on the ChannelAdvisor website and it’s interesting to compare how general shoppers attitude to in-store shopping to your own. As someone who has avoided the high street for years in favour of online shopping, I was somewhat surprised to discover that shoppers attitude in general is now pretty much aligned with mine. While some can’t wait to get a retail fix there are a large majority who are wary and just waiting for your products to show up online for them to purchase… and the infographic reveals where you need to be advertising to get their attention!

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As soon as the UK Government get a grip and make wearing of face masks mandatory for shop staff, serving staff, bar staff, hospitality staff etc then people may have more confidence. It is bad enough those back of house can cough and splutter all over your food for example (but I understand that wearing masks in hot conditions is we turn a blind eye).......... but then to have serving staff / bar staff doing the same as they bring it to you! Same in shops, you have to wear a mask, but the shop assistant does not and they are exposed to hundreds more people per day possibly. why go out and get covid when online exists........and the delivery driver usually has a mask on too!

Dave • 27th July 2020 •