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If the reason you’re not selling on OnBuy is lack of integrations then today they address your concerns with the announcement of six new OnBuy integrations to make selling on OnBuy easy.

OnBuy’s mantra is to ensure that your selling experience is as seamless and rewarding as possible so through their partnership with CedCommerce, they now offer integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento 1, Magento 2, PrestaShop and OpenCart to help you more easily manage your OnBuy selling.

These new integrations with ecommerce platforms complement the support they already offer with the likes of ChannelAdvisor, Cloud Commerce Pro, Linnworks, One Stop Order Processing, Storefeeder, ChannelGrabber, Veeqo and Volo.

Key features of the six new OnBuy integrations announced today are centralised order management, seamless stock and price updates, and streamlined product creation – pretty much everything you need to manage your OnBuy marketplace selling from your website

“OnBuy is changing the way the world looks at marketplaces. We’ve seen some of the industry’s largest retailers and brands come on board, and we’re well on track to become the world’s first truly global marketplace.

I’m delighted to announce this partnership with CedCommerce as it means we can offer millions of retailers a new route to selling with OnBuy. OnBuy is open to all sellers – small, medium and large – and opening our doors to these solutions means we can seamlessly cater to more sellers than ever before. By driving offers from more businesses, we’ll be adding millions more products to our 20m+ product range and driving even better prices for our buyers.”
– Cas Paton, founder, OnBuy

We have already heard from sellers who have created thousands of new product listings on the marketplace using the new OnBuy integrations saying it is a relatively easy and trouble free process and best of all they can now manage inventory and orders from their website.

Get ready for OnBuy international expansion

OnBuy are planning to launch into 140 new countries by 2023, starting with 40 initial sites this year. They’ve quietly kicked off their expansion with a soft launch into Ireland, which means buyers from Ireland now see product prices in their localised currency.

If you already sell on OnBuy then make sure you have set up your international delivery templates. Today the UK and Ireland, but prepare for OnBuy to go global!

“Over the past few years, we’ve studied European retail and ecommerce very closely. We observed that European merchants are interested in selling across borders and overcoming the ecommerce challenges by implementing innovative ways to reach out to local as well as global customers.

The partnership between CedCommerce and OnBuy is expected to be key for sellers and retailers in Europe who are planning to pursue multichannel selling, through creating a frictionless onboarding process and allowing sellers to reach out to customers in diverse channels with enterprise-level support. Together we are planning to assist local businesses and community members by setting up the perfect platform to list, sell and revive their businesses amidst the ongoing pandemic.”
– Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO, CedCommerce

7 Responses

  1. It’s a pity that the plugin broke my Woocommerce website. Had to take it off to get the site working again. Sent the fault log to CedCommerce who didn’t want to know, so chucked OnBuy back in the bin.

  2. To late as this happened weeks ago when you first announced that it was available. I’ve spent too much time on OnBuy to try and get sales that don’t exist and thought a plugin that connects to my Woocommerce would save me so much time as it all comes from my website. But the plugin is very clunky that is not very easy to set up and you still have to list items individually, so all has gone in the bin as stated, enough is enough. As stated the log was sent to you with all the faults that nobody was interested in even looking at so concentrating on our website instead, using my time wisely.

  3. My issue with ONbuy is they only use paypal as the payment method & Paypal no longer return your fee( or even part of it) if you get a returned product. We sell a fitted product so returns are high. At least Amazon only keep 10% of the 15% fee & return the rest if the customer returns the product

  4. It’s a shame OnBuy did not have the bravery to continue with a no fee, or very low fee platform. This would have allowed merchants to offer much lower prices than Amazon/Ebay. As they are now, the commission is pretty much the same as Amazon/Ebay and I cannot see OnBuy surviving in the UK in their current model. They should have been brave and stick to their initial idea.

  5. I took this up with Onbuy, I don’t see how a challenger marketplace can compete whilst charging nearly double comissoon as Amazon the dominant player. I sell alot of low priced makeup up under £10, Amazon comission including for processing payments is 8% all in. Paypal rip you off for 5% just to process the payment, and don’t even start me on their FX rates, they are daylight robbery. Paypal is charging “ECONOMIC RENT” for being the incumbent dominant, player the fact they don’t allow you pay your your EUR of AUD sales out to bank account of your choice is just robbery!!!! When I pointed this out Onbuy at a “Linnworks Live”, they told that commission rates were highly competitive(Onbuy 10% and Paypal 5%)!!!! I just looked at him and walked off. So good luck in competing with Amazon whilst charging double the commisions, they will continue to remain a “challenger” and a “bit part” if you want to be competitive address this, bring payments inhouse or allow get a payment provider on board that charges about 1% to process the payment and bring your commission rates inline with Amazon when you factor in all costs (sales comission and payment processing). Other fight with Ebay for ever smaller picec of the online market, whilst Amazon takes the rest.


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