Tamebay Marketplace Guide 2020 – Expand to 50 New Marketplaces

Tamebay Marketplace Guide 2020

2020 will do down in history as the year of disruption with the Coronavirus pandemic, Brexit dragging on, constant changes to tax regimes around the world. For online businesses it has been a tale of two halves with some seeing record levels of sales whilst for others sales vanished as soon as the lock down started. More than ever, the need to diversify to protect your business should be at the forefront of your mind so today we’re thrilled to launch the Tamebay Marketplace Guide 2020, which you can download for free today.

The Tamebay Marketplace Guide 2020, produced in partnership with OnBuy, presents 50 marketplaces to consider expanding your business on. Within the pages you’ll find a host of marketplaces from around the world that we present for the first time.

“One of the many things that the start to 2020 has shown us all is that the world is increasingly connected and increasingly reliant on online shopping. There’s a world of buyers waiting out there – it’s time to embrace the future of ecommerce and start expanding your business beyond borders.”
– Cas Paton, founder, OnBuy

You might be surprised to find eBay and Amazon missing from the guide and of course we know that these two stalwarts form the back bone of many marketplace seller’s strategy. However, our aim in the Tamebay Marketplace Guide 2020 is to broaden your horizons and offer marketplaces that perhaps you don’t sell on and in some cases may never have heard of before.

In the Tamebay Marketplace Guide 2020 you’ll find marketplaces at home and abroad, some suitable for large retailers and brands whilst other are suitable for the very smallest of merchants and everything in between. You’ll even find marketplaces that only sell products from a single brand and whilst they’re highly specialised if you have products in their field you’ll be appealing to a committed highly engaged audience of buyers ready to purchase.

“Consumers are increasingly expectant of an online experience that caters to their wide-ranging needs, from specialist homeware marketplaces to one-stop shops, so ensuring you not only have the products that people want but an experience they’ll remember is crucial.”
– Cas Paton, founder, OnBuy

The Tamebay Marketplace Guide 2020 is totally free and you can download it here.

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