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Are you an eBay expert seller with year’s of experience? Have you been on the eBay forums helping support business sellers for years for free? Well in the future why not turn your expertise into another revenue stream? eBay are recruiting some of their top-ranked sellers to support the growing number of business sellers on their platform by providing seller experience support and helping to improve their performance.

Coach and support business sellers

Using technology from gig customer service platform Limitless, as an eBay expert seller you’ll be providing real-time advice and feedback to other sellers navigating the platform through live chat services.

The pilot phase

Already in its pilot phase, the current team of experts are successfully resolving over 500 enquiries per day and responding to seller enquiries within a few minutes.

eBay started recruiting experts to join the pilot in May, at the height of lockdown when thousands of new businesses were joining the platform. As it continues to be critically important to help sellers navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Limitless not only offers a brilliant customer experience solution, designed to assist sellers during the listing flow on eBay, but also a lucrative income opportunity for the experts hired.

Qualification to become an expert seller

As a potential expert, you’ll need to pass a series of quizzes and training to demonstrate your eBay knowledge. If successful, you can begin to answer customer queries to coach and support business sellers new to eBay from your home, getting paid for each case you resolve. In just a week, Limitless estimates that you could earn enough extra money to pay for a car service and MOT for the year; in six weeks, enough extra money to cover the cost of an average annual household energy bill.

As well as addressing technical concerns, the team of expert sellers are on hand to coach new business sellers on best practice, helping them make the most of the platform.

“I’m incredibly excited about what this partnership means for the sellers on our platform. Our sellers want to speak to like-minded individuals that can advise them in real-time, based on their own nuanced and experienced understanding of our platform, and it’s great that we’re now facilitating those conversations.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for our experts to earn an additional income, being paid for their extensive knowledge and understanding of eBay.”
– Rob Hattrell, VP, eBay UK

“eBay is joining a growing list of companies who are realising that some of their best customer service comes from customers themselves. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship; customers trust brand experts who use that brand extensively themselves, and our ‘Experts’ can turn their knowledge and experience into some extra income while taking eBay’s customer experience to a whole new level.”
– Roger Beadle, CEO, Limitless

“In helping other Sellers with their queries, I find that I am constantly learning and improving my skills, too. The financial benefits are real, but the best thing is receiving genuine thanks from the people that you provide support to. Every question is different, which keeps you on your toes. Just when you think you know all there is to know, a question will pop up that you have to do a bit more research into. It keeps things interesting!”
– Deborah King, expert seller

Register your interest in becoming an expert seller

This programme is currently in its pilot phase. If you’re a top-rated eBay seller, and interested in becoming an expert in the future, you can register your interest here.

45 Responses

  1. Dont look down on anyone, my point is if you have time or the need to be an expert, for ebay .you cant be that expert. . We can make an awful lot more than a service or mot building our own business
    We have sold on ebay for many years were still Learning , New things
    Thats why we use this site

  2. Its Customer service on the cheap
    Employ someone like yourself chris
    Who knows their onions
    full time
    give them a proper wage

  3. Even then if we were starting a tamebay style site
    Would you hold our hand give us access to your best advertisers
    Your best trade contacts , your cheapest suppliers
    For the price of an mot?

  4. Sounds like they want a load of bitter, tired, skint eBay sellers who are constantly paying more and more to eBay in fees to help others do the same.
    That should work, where do I sign up.

  5. This does sound worryingly like Ebay trying to do CS on the cheap.

    Is this part of more cost cutting?

    Also, with my 20 years’ experience of Ebay, most seller problems derive from either:

    A) Technical problems on Ebay’s site
    B) Repercussions from ill-thought out Ebay policies
    C) Inexplicable variations in sales making it difficult to plan an effective sales program on the site

  6. The ‘profits’ and volumes from selling on eBay are so bad, they are offering this ?

    Pretty much makes sense !

  7. @Alan Patterson. I do like your comments but you are swimming against the tide trying to defend EBay.
    Ebay have allowed the site to be swamped with Chinese crap sellers and in turn it has attracted a lot of bad buyers….cheep charlies and pushed away many good buyers.
    How can this issue be blamed against any law. Pure short term greed from Ebay all for a quick dollar

  8. what bothers me is the patronising tone – as an adult I understand the concept of currency being exchanged for goods and services… I’ve never had someone brief me on remuneration by saying,”we’ll pay you enough to buy 500 potatoes a week.”

    Why not just say “we pay £x for each query you resolve, and on average they take about 10 minutes”?

    Another worry is the skill levels required – I’m going to apply just to see how knowledgeable these experts have to be!

  9. @Alan Patterson.

    Mr Doughnut! We meet again. How the devil are you?

    Naturally, all businesses have to plan and build.

    My point was that Ebay should be helping them do that, not hindering them, as has been the case during the Vain Egg era. It’s to early to say what the new era will bring, but hard evidence of change will be needed to persuade many sellers that Ebay will improve.

    The Damaged Payments fiasco is not helping sellers either. Yes, sellers don’t have the responsibility to fix site errors, but neither does Ebay think it has the responsibility to do so, either. Which is why so many sellers complain. They’re paying for the site, after all !!!

    I can accept your point about the reasons behind policy changes, but that doesn’t excuse how clumsily they are often implemented. Decent management should be able to foresee many of the problems these cause, but they don’t.

    The variation in sales is a valid point. Naturally, there are fluctuations, but every long term seller knows when things simply stop dead inexplicably. I’ve never experienced that on any other platform I’ve used.

    Yes, technical problems can occur on any site, but name another one which has had the same issues go unfixed for a decade or more?

    Please don’t characterise those who criticise Ebay for failing to fix their issues as “bitter”.

    That’s unfair.

    If Ebay listened more to sellers, they would not have so many of these problems in the first place.

    I also seem to recall how badly your business was hit by the service metrics and sympathised with that.

  10. I can’t wait for someone to ask “how is your business performance measured on the ebay platform?”
    What with the numerous detailed seller ratings and feedback to maintain, hoops to jump through and nonsense to applaud, its difficult.
    But then only as difficult as you want to make it, because you can easily pay for listing promotions like the Chinese sellers do and your automatically showcased with no need to worry about anything else, including VAT registration.
    Ebay has sold its soul, the Wenig era has a lot to answer for. “Coach and support” pah!

  11. @Alan P.
    Best ask Custard Support or a coach to business sellers- coz I haven’t a clue nowadays ?
    Hope your feeling better, although we often don’t agree I do value your input on Tamebay and I do know your track record for helping others. In fact you would make a great coach.,… though I hear the wages aren’t the best ?

  12. Ebay is a hard nosed commercial operation
    For financial gain ,those who think ebay have a community that it values other than for gain ,
    Best stick to Hugging trees

  13. We will take ebaypieces of silver to tell someone where their arse is
    ,but if it helps them compete Were deaf dumb and blind

  14. @ Alan Paterson.

    You seem to paint yourself as a guru of ebay. I do not understand why you can be supportive of a platform that takes so much from the sellers and gives nothing back. Do you already work for ebay? My guess is you do. I have read previous posts you wrote back in 2018. You spout knowledge of the company only an ebay member of staff would know.

    Surely you can see that this new initiative is just to save money in customer service and get more unpaid work from the sellers. Meanwhile ebay role in the cash.

    My sales have been on a steady decline for months. What advice would you give me?

  15. Aww Noooooooooooo!!!!!!
    You will set him off
    Your likely to get a marathon sermon now

  16. Has anyone any idea what we are talking about, please ?
    For example, are we talking about a special hidden section of the ebay forum where some high potential newbies will be allowed to ask questions ? A number of coaches will be allowed in to compete among themselves to answer and get “resolved” badges ? and the most obvious question: HOW is this paid and HOW MUCH ?

  17. One thing you can be sure about in life: just when you think that things are never ever going to get better,
    they suddenly get worse

  18. “My posts help some people ……. do yours?”

    Of course they do!
    My posts are a great help
    To your Superiority complex

  19. @ Alan Paterson

    you are freakishly accurate about my business and the performance numbers and the product I sell. You say you dont have a crystal ball but it seems that you might.

    I am tired of ebay. I am tired of the lack of income and third of lack of support. I have thrown a lot of money at it. Maybe you are right. Maybe I did it wrong but ebay need to take some of the blame.

    Do you have a blog or YouTube channel?

  20. @ifellow
    You’re wrong I’m afraid, Magento is not owned by eBay, it’s owned by Adobe.
    I use Magento and it’s fine, it’s like all eCommerce platforms.
    Anyway, I need an MOT now so I’m off to train some new sellers in how to refund things six weeks after you sold them on eBay.


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