GFS Global Returns Pro powered by ZigZag launches today

GFS Global Returns Pro

GFS Global Returns Pro launches today, specifically aimed at SMEs and larger online retailers. Where once a high end returns solution was only accessible by large retailers, GFS Global Returns Pro offers a solution that SMEs can access but offering the same features, giving customers a fast and easy way to request a return in less than a minute. Enabling retailers to cut the cost of returns by up to 40%, the portal can also be deployed in just 1-2 days with a simple flat monthly fee.

We’ve all been there with a return request from an overseas customer where they pay rack rate at their local post office for a return label costing a fortune compared with your outgoing delivery charge on a carrier contract. The problem is it’s easy for even the smallest of businesses to access a reasonably priced courier contract for outgoing shipments but for the consumer with just one return to send it’s massively expensive for them to buy a label or for you to arrange an overseas courier pick up. That’s why often a consumer will check your returns policy before they even purchase – returns isn’t a business cost, a decent returns solution is a selling tool to give confidence to customers before they click the buy button.

In the past, this has left SMEs with the option of refunding without the product being returned or refunding exorbitant returns carriage costs. GFS Global Returns Pro is the answer and on the 3rd of September you can get a first look at the solution in our ‘Cracking the returns challenge’Webinar. If you’ve ever been stiffed by a consumer wanting a ridiculously high refund for return postage, sign up for the webinar today.

“Until now, only the largest global retailers have had access to the tools and resources to master the returns challenge. GFS Global Returns Pro will level the playing field by offering small and larger retailers a fast and affordable solution to simplify returns and give customers a high-end returns experience without the high-end cost.”
– Neil Cotty, CEO, GFS

After reviewing the reverse logistics market, GFS has selected ZigZag’s cutting edge technology to launch their new returns solution, GFS Global Returns Pro. GFS powers delivery for fast-expanding B2B and B2C ecommerce retailers worldwide, providing multi-carrier services, technology and expertise to manage the entire logistical process from checkout to doorstep. GFS Global Returns Pro packages the global technology platform with 200+ multi-carrier services, plus expertise from GFS, into a single solution.

GFS Global Returns Pro is launching at the perfect time. Online retailers continue to battle rising return rates of over 50% and cost the UK more than £60bn per year. Returns also cause a huge dent in the bottom line because stock becomes tied up and handling costs are high. Returns have also become a high priority for the consumer too. According to recent research by UPS, 79% of consumers check the returns policy before making a final purchase decision, leading to 1 in 2 purchases being abandoned at checkout because they did not like the retailer’s returns policy. In recent months, lockdown has caused a sharp shift from high street to online shopping as many are left with no option but to shop online shows no sign of slowing down – and as online spending grows, so does the problem of returns.

“This is a strategic development for us. The addition of Global Returns Pro to the GFS portfolio means that we can now offer an unrivalled global outbound and inbound solution that makes it both fast and simple for ecommerce businesses to expand internationally.”
– Neil Cotty, CEO, GFS

Hundreds of online retailers rely on GFS to deliver over 30 million parcels every year and is the behind-the-scenes global delivery partner for a number of the world’s fastest-growing ecommerce brands.

“GFS is a well-respected ecommerce provider for some of the most exciting retailers in the industry. ZigZag is delighted that GFS has decided to use our technology to power their new returns solution. Customers from a long list of promising retailers already using GFS for their outbound logistics, will now be able to take advantage of our hassle-free returns portal for faster refunds, creating satisfied and loyal customers.”
– Al Gerrie, Co-Founder and CEO, ZigZag Global

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