5 Ways Automating with Sync with Connex can help you grow your ecommerce business

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Dora Farkas is Marketing Manager for Sync with Connex. Sync with Connex, founded in 2010. Today she takes a look at how automating with Sync with Connex can save time and money for Quickbooks users and help grow their ecommerce businesses:

When you are an ecommerce business owner it can seem impossible to get out of the daily grind of answering emails, being on the phone with angry customers, processing refunds, managing employees, and fulfilling new orders. With so much going on, how can you make time scale your business, start partnerships, and take some time for yourself and your family?

Unless you put systems into place, you will not have the time to rise above the noise and grow your revenue to the level you wanted to when started your business. At Sync with Connex, our customers tell us that one of the most cumbersome parts of their job is entering sales data manually into QuickBooks. Whether you do it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you, the process is tedious, expensive and error-prone.

Manual data entry makes it difficult to scale your ecommerce business, because the more sales you make the more data you need to hand-enter into QuickBooks.

What if you could free yourself from manually entering sales data into QuickBooks? Besides saving you time and money, automating sales data entry into QuickBooks, can help you to grow your ecommerce business in several ways.

5 Ways Automating with Sync with Connex Can Help You Grow Your Ecommerce Business

  1. Save hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars every year
  2. Most business owners estimate that it takes about 10 hours a week on average to reconcile all sales, inventory and customer data between their online stores and QuickBooks. At an hourly rate of $30, that translates to about $15,000 per year. Not only is it expensive, but also the opportunity cost of the time spent manually entering data at 10 hours a week, is 500 hours a year, or over 12 work weeks!
    Sync with Connex automatically syncs all your sales into QuickBooks Online or Desktop, saving you hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars every year.

  3. Prevent inventory chaos
  4. E-commerce is 24/7, so it is impossible to keep your inventory up-to-date manually if you sell high-demand items or have low inventory. If you sell on multiple sales channels, you need to update inventory on all of your selling channels and QuickBooks. This will quickly add up to more than 10 hours a week not to mention the increase in the likelihood of overselling and upsetting customers.
    Sync with Connex automatically updates your inventory on selling channels and QuickBooks so you don’t need to worry about overselling or overstocking.

  5. Track shipping charges
  6. As an ecommerce merchant it can be difficult to maintain profit margins with the rising costs of shipping. In order to stay profitable, you need to keep track of the different types of shipping surcharges, set your own pricing accordingly, and reconcile your QuickBooks accounts. Unless you have a system for tracking shipping surcharges, you will need to do enter all the charges manually, which quickly leads to many hours of labor as well as human errors.
    Sync with Connex maps your shipping charges to QuickBooks so you can track your costs and price your products accordingly.

  7. Improve customer satisfaction, reviews, and seller rating
  8. Manual data entry leads to human errors in all parts of your business. Imagine getting a one-star review for your product on Amazon because the customer got the wrong item. It happens all the time! By automating how you process orders, you will ensure that your customers get the correct items on time, leading to positive reviews for you. Win-win for everyone!
    Sync with Connex has helped thousands of small business owners to fulfill orders on time, even as their order volume increased.

  9. Make better decisions about hiring
  10. If someone on your team is responsible for manual data entry, their workload will vary substantially. For most ecommerce merchants, the holidays are the busy season and the summer is the slow season. The staff member who enters data manually into QuickBooks may only need to spend a few hours a week on this task during the summer, but it can easily grow into more than a full-time job in December. The variance in the workload makes it difficult for a business to launch marketing campaigns, start partnerships, and meet the deadlines necessary to increase their sales.

Sync with Connex will help you to automate the repetitive task of entering data into QuickBooks, and free up your staff to grow your company by launching initiatives in marketing, partnerships, and new product design. In summary, automating data entry into QuickBooks using Sync with Connex, frees up your resources to do higher level tasks that can bring in more revenue.

Sync with Connex automates data entry into QuickBooks Online and Desktop and integrates with over 30 ecommerce platforms. You can start a free trial here.


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