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We’re coming into the busiest time of the year and this year, more so than ever before, consumers are going to be shopping online. This means just one thing, there are also going to be more returns than ever before so this week we are holding a webinar to look at the best strategies you can adopt.

Returns are a fact of life for ecommerce merchants and, although inconvenient for retailers, a great returns experience can keep consumer buying from you in the future. Many consumers, especially in the fashion sector, will purposefully buy multiple products with the express intent of returning some. They’ll buy different sizes and different colours, use ecommerce as a virtual changing room and then keeping one or two items return the rest.

With the pandemic and subdued high street shopping, which will only become less attractive with the cold winter weather and potential local lock downs, this is the year to be prepared for processing returns and keeping customers happy… and returning to buy again.

Join our webinar this Thursday at 11am with Bobbie Ttooulis, Executive Director of GFS, and Al Gerrie, Founder and CEO of ZigZag to gain key industry insights on current and future outlook for returns. Find out what till make your business more attractive to consumers and what will delight them and convert them into repeat customers.

In the past, slick returns solutions have only been available to the largest high street retailers, but now GFS Global Returns Pro is available and affordable for small to medium sized businesses. In the webinar there will be a live demo of GFS GLobal Returns Pro as well as an abundance of tips on how to streamline returns and turn them from a pain point to an attractive reason to purchase.

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