Murray Lambell new eBay UK General Manager, Rob Hattrell promoted to run eBay Europe

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Murray Lambell has just been announced as the new General Manager of eBay UK, having been promoted from Vice President of UK Trading, where he was responsible for all of eBay UK’s Business to Consumer and Sales & Operations activities

Outgoing UK GM Rob Hattrell has been promoted to now have regional oversight of all eBay Europe operations (including in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

This is a eminently sensible succession, Rob has done an amazing job running eBay UK and it was always a bit odd that both he and Murray were both at the Vice President level in the organisation – Did the UK really need two VPs? Now with Rob moving up to oversee Europe, Murray who has already been overseeing eBay UK Trading is well placed to take over management of the entire country site.

Murray Lambell takes over at a pivotal time for eBay, as platform usage has surged during the global pandemic. Millions of new buyers are either increasing their usage of ebay, returning to the site, or trying it for the first time, while at the same time thousands of new small and medium sized businesses are joining eBay to be able to continue trading despite lockdown measures .

“I am delighted to be taking over the reins at eBay UK, which is an incredibly exciting business in normal times, and is proving to be an even more significant business in this developing ‘new normal’. I am grateful to have worked so closely with Rob over the years, and while together we have built some great momentum and delivered real change for our buyers and sellers alike, I know that we have much more to do. I am hugely energised by the opportunities and challenges that inevitably lie ahead, and look forward to steering eBay UK through an exciting period of change and growth.”
– Murray Lambell, General Manager of eBay UK

“It is abundantly clear to me that Murray is the natural successor to lead the eBay UK business. Not just because he has the experience, credentials, authority and drive to do so. But also because he has a proven passion for our customers, users, colleagues and industry. I am thrilled to be able to continue working alongside him and the wider UK team as I move on to my new European role, and look forward to delivering on the responsibility we have to our millions of buyers and sellers on eBay across our markets.”
– Rob Hattrell, Head of eBay Europe

The UK and European management changes are effective immediately, and take place five months after the arrival of eBay Inc’s new global CEO, Jamie Iannone, who is focused on delivering a ‘tech-led reimagination’ of eBay , to drive the company forward as it celebrates its 25th anniversary .

24 Responses

  1. Welcome Mr Lambell.

    Fix the site problems that bedevil both buyers and sellers,

    It’s a disgrace the Ebay makes so much money but is content to have a platform with so many unaddressed problems.

    The same technical and conflicting issues remain as when Rob took over.

    Fix the site!

    Give sellers back the tools they need to prosper on Ebay and they will.

    And you will make more money without needing to keep hiking fees.

  2. More corporate mumbo jumbo, dark arts, hocus pocus,
    What do these guys actually do!
    Every now and then they swap job titles uttering total bollocks.
    little seems to change for the troops in the trenches ,apart from dodging ebays financial

  3. Ebay needs to fix thier DNS server for a start so the site actually works.

    Back to step 1

    Build a website that works.

  4. Welcome Murray and Rob to your new appointments. If you have ever used your platform you may know of the multiple site issues that Ebay sellers and buyers face every day.
    Then again…….. perhaps not.

  5. Hey Rob, before you go…. How’s implementation of Mangled Payments been?
    It’s September already and we were promised to migrate mid July.

  6. simple tweaks like being able to send an invoice via the mobile app
    would make life so much easier
    do we really need a font change ?

  7. Why do you make people pay a ‘SHOP FEE’ for automating return feedback?

    I thought it was one of the cornerstones of eBay !

    Having CLOSED my shop, I find it rather annoying.

  8. I see the usual ebay moaners are out in force this morning. Everything is always wrong with ebay. If everything is wrong and not working, yet you keep trying the same thing then maybe you need to change your approach or what you sell on there.

    Seems to be working just fine for me with managed payments and sales.

  9. New faces same issues. The problem with Ebay is they keep changing stuff which often doesn’t need to be changed, or atleast isn’t really a priority.
    We have been trading on ebay for over 12 years and have seen some good stuff… but alot of big errors, and glitches seem to be the norm.
    MP, was a nightmare to sign up to. The amount of issues with them accepting my banking details because they wouldn’t accept a bank statement that said my name, then Trading as… my company name. They claimed they couldn’t verify it was me, as in my ebay trading name, despite it being the same as my TA name! It was a long unfunny joke. Then when it went live ebay wouldn’t accept paypal payments from buyers!!! So lots of lost sales, only stumbled upon when i had same issue when buyer from another seller and some buyers told me.
    The amount of scammers is a joke. The fact you can’t report stuff anymore ( not that it changed anything) is a joke. The forced auto acceptance of a return with the email that makes it sounds like you were happy to do it, is a joke…. esp when the buyer after communication often decides not to return for whatever reason… but never closes the case… is a joke.
    I’m not going to go on as so many of us already know all the daily issues. To those like Rob above who is very lucky… well that you are. Come work for me a few weeks and see it for yourself. Oh and please don’t try and tell me it is us…. it has nothing to do with our products, but trhe system on ebay that we are trying to sell on. If it were that easy we would have done it years ago… plus we don’t get these issues on other platforms we trade on..

    Sorry…. but nothing excites me about ebay anymore. We are now on the final phase of moving our business to other platforms, next year will be our last on ebay as we have built on others. Ebay has the potential to be a great site, really it does. In fact it once was. But they simply lost the plot. The see a mole hill and got about removing it by digging up the area around it! They see issues with fake sellers, business sellers claiming to be private, Chinese sellers claiming to be in the UK, fraudulant buyers, rule breaking listings etc…. and instead go after those that make one simply human error with a massive axe!
    I don’t think it can be fixed anymore. I think that to thme it isn’t broken, the system of fleece sellers to support a broken system has been working well. they proberly think that the influx of new sellers this year was because of their excellent work rather than a desperate need for cash by sellers. We will see in a year or 2 when reality kicks in and they start to leave.
    So All the best to both Rob and Murray, I know you proberly don’t have as much power as people think, and so can’t be held accountable for everything…. But please, take a few hours to browse the business and powerseller boards…. don’t take my word for it, go read what YOUR customers are saying.

  10. Gav, I noticed the same thing and just to let you know that Ebay tech team are aware of this problem and it`s not just you mate.

  11. Been selling on here yearts and still having to cancel shipments to highlands and ireland as ebays antiquated system does not allow shipping costs per listing when items have to be couriered.
    If we go Surcharge it does it to a ll light items as well.
    If we go per item it does it for every listing so people in those ares dont buy the light stuff and the buyers from the offshore areas always buy the economu shipping rate so we have to refund.

    We do not have this issue on Amazon as we set rates per item.

    But go on eBay keep on fiddling with fonts and layout designs as that will bring in buyers in their droves wont it.

    The dinosaurs went extinct because they could not adapot with an ever changing world.

    Soon it will be a case of do you remember eBayasaurus!!!

  12. Me no use da managed payments.

    He in da Hong Kong Bank !

    Me like da eBay UK, Big price, low fee, Zero tax.

    All come Hong Kong, Big party & Moni !


  13. “Rob has done an amazing job running eBay UK”

    You are entitled to your opinion, Chis and Tamebay.

    To be fair, he has certainly tried to take on board sellers’ issues more than his predecessors

    But the fact is that most of the inherent site problems are still there.

    And, yes, they do matter, because they hold the site back and affect buyers and sellers. Amazon has their setup properly sorted and they are a dot on the horizon that Ebay can barely see any more.

    Even if you are doing well, you’d be doing even better if the checkout / search and server issues were resolved. Before even getting on to Managed Payments.

    Managed Payments has also demonstrated how damaging it is to have UK Ebay play second fiddle to

    Also remember Rob’s international selling launch, whilst knowing full well that Managed Payments does not even support listing on international sites. ?

    Rob has done some good things, certainly, but “amazing”? Think you’ll find mixed opinions on that.

    If Rob is deemed to have been amazing, how crap is British management culture today????

    Covid has saved Ebay’s blushes an reversed falling sales. Otherwise no doubt we’d be seeing even more fee hikes to bolster the share price.

    He would get a decent C+

    But still wish him well as Europe VP and his office has at least responded to issues when contacted directly.

    So bon voyage, arrivaderci and alles gute.

  14. One useless figurehead is replaced by another useless figurehead. I spoke with Rob when he first came into the position and was was impressed by his bullish statements that there were great changes on the way, didn’t realise it was a bigger salary and better perks for him and more sh1t for the sellers.

    Ebay has lost their way and neither of these two seem to have either any influence or more importantly clue as to where they are heading.

    Rob, Murray, I wish you every success and if nothing else your stint with eBay will look good when you head to Amazon.

  15. Mr Lambell, please could you enhance the Managed Payments reports, to give a total amount of MP fees paid per payout. I am lost with spreadsheets, and I am used to the great PayPal fee reports which do all the figures automatically for you, and presents them in an easy to understand format.

  16. Let’s hope that the new guys don’t try to make their mark by screwing more money from eBay business sellers again. eBay is only successful because they have a monopoly and drive sales by pandering to buyers at the cost of sellers. I only use eBay because customers are there. The platform is terrible, the configuration is terrible, the support is terrible (with the exception of the Irish guys). The really bad side is the amount of fraud that buyers are allowed to get away with because eBay can’t be bothered and pass on the cost to sellers.

    Hopefully eBay will get a grip, but I suspect not because it’s too easy for them to make money from their monopoly.


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