RobotShop launches niche robotics marketplace

No primary category set have recently announced that they are launching a niche marketplace, allowing manufacturers and suppliers of robotics products to sell directly on its e-commerce platform.

Founded in 2003 RobotShop is providing key robotics supplies from 500 brands to over 200 countries including in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. The creation of the marketplace will allow the company to adapt to growing demands and offer products to all segments of contemporary robotics, namely personal, professional and industrial robotics.

“Robotics technology is now spreading to all spheres of society and its pace of evolution is very fast. A new model is required in order to respond adequately to demand from both suppliers and customers in this field, The RobotShop Marketplace is the foundation of a new economic platform dedicated to the world of robotics and emerging technologies. We strongly believe that this will result in a more global offering of robotic goods available on the market, and improved experience and better service for all.”
– Mario Tremblay, CEO, RobotShop

The Marketplace reportedly offers many advantages for manufacturers due to their reputation as the world’s largest robotics marketplace with a large number of visitors, amateurs, and professionals with a keen interest in emerging technologies. Predictions show that the robotics market is set to become a predominant sector and exceed 200 billion dollars by 2025, with the demand for adapting tech and more online activity due to the global pandemic, now is a great time for the platform to expand their horizons and offer more to buyers and sellers.

Selling on RobotShop

RobotShop house sellers of Robot Parts, Robots and Kits, Robotics Education, Robot Toys, Domestic Robots, Professional Robots & more. There are currently 10 dedicated websites for customers in the USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. The platform boasts an easy to use seller interface & API, worry-Free transactions and great brand visibility and marketing.

There are no membership fees and/or listing fees. The only fees charged is 13% commission on all orders placed through the Marketplace.

If you’re interested in applying to sell on RobotShop you can find their form here.



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