Amazon truck crash closes A27 spilling thousands of parcels

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If you’ve ever wondered how many parcels one of those blue liveried Amazon Prime trucks is carrying as it buzzes past you on the motorway, today it’s revealed in a horrific Amazon truck crash on the A27 near Chichester.

Sadly the driver, a 62-year-old man, suffered a serious injury and has been taken to hospital for treatment. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening or life-changing. A car driver, a 50-year-old woman also suffered minor injuries.

If you were thinking of heading down on the A27 today it’s probably best avoided as the road had to be closed in both directions and disruption can be expected for a number of hours. The truck ended up across three lanes of the four lane road, straddling the central reservation.

The Amazon truck crash which occurred around 5.40am this Friday morning, resulted in about a zillion parcels spilling out onto the carriageway. Yes, someone is going to have to pick them all up and there will be 100s of late deliveries but Amazon are great at logistics and they’ll either get the parcels to their destinations or have them replaced within 24 hours.

Amazon Truck Crash

What’s staggering is the sight of just how many parcels were going down the A27 today and when you consider Amazon have more than 20 fulfilment centres in the UK, each with a ton of trucks in and out on a daily basis, the sheer volumes that Amazon deliver are staggering.

Our thoughts are with the two drivers injured in the accident and we hope they both have a speedy recovery.

7 Responses

  1. How sad that a keyboard warrior with no idea how the accident happened seems to know who to blame and why. Let alone find it funny.
    Blow outs, black outs at the wheel, emergancy lane change… there is a long list of reasons for this sort of thing. That is why the police have special teams to investigate. Shame really as they could just employ the know it all who commented earlier, ( albeit with their limited vocabulary), Imagine the money saving.

    Maybe Chris could remove such a pathetic and insenstive comment?

  2. Good guess would be female driver in car looking in her rear view mirror with HUGE truck just 3 feet off her arse .
    Doing the typical truckers thing with no chance to brake or adjust.

    But i will give the benefit of the doubt as you rarely see that on a motorway LOL

  3. Awful accident. If this happened to our trailer full with SFP parcels which will now be delivered late or not at all, you can bet your bottom dollar Amazon would suspend my account citing ‘use a more reliable carrier’

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