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hiro tsukahara GMO Registry .shop domainsWhether you already have an online shop or want to start one, which many offline retailers are currently doing amidst COVID-19. You want to differentiate yourself from other existing web shops. But how do you do this? Try An intuitive and memorable domain name for your online webshop, which immediately shows that your website is a place to shop. Either as a standalone domain or as an addition to your existing .uk or .com domain, .shop offers portability to your sales venue and is instantly recognisable.

We sat down with Hiro Tsukahara, CEO of GMO Registry, to find out more about .shop domains and discover the many ways owning could be beneficial.

Who are GMO Registry?

GMO Registry, a group company of a multi-billion dollar IT conglomerate, is a domain registry that operates multiple domains including .shop, the world’s No. 1 Ecommerce domain. Based in Tokyo, the company was established in 2009 with a vision of building the global home of Ecommerce.

What do you do?

We offer .shop to both the most innovative and traditional shop owners of all sizes and verticals who wish to build a strong online presence. As the word shop implies, .shop helps websites to easily self-identify as an online shop to internet users of all ages and races, due to its nature of being universally understood in most languages. GMO Registry provides .shop through registrar partners all over the world such as GoDaddy, and continues to power businesses that seek to get online safely.

Why should I be interested?

For many years since the internet began, domain selections were limited to .com, .net and country code domains such as .uk or .de. However, much like the rest of the internet, domains evolved, albeit at a slower pace. As a result, .shop was introduced to the world in 2016 as the primary ecommerce domain to cater to the needs of existing and new online businesses that thrive to stand out digitally.

Some have chosen .shop in order to be found better on the internet, while others have chosen .shop simply because it’s the obvious choice for ecommerce. One example of this is Jojanneke Leistra, owner of Superfoodguru who uses .shop.

“An SEO agency advised me to use ‘.shop’ for the Dutch domain name and ‘.shop/en’ for the English one. Then I would be better found in Google. I also liked the .shop extension because you think of a shop. I thought it sounded friendly.”
– Jojanneke Leistra, owner, Superfoodguru

Today, .shop powers over 740,000 customers and their businesses from over 200 countries by providing safe, intuitive, and easy-to-remember domain names, all of which are key ingredients in succeeding online.

How can I use a .shop domain? (marketplace redirect)Marketplace Redirect

A great way to give your shop on Amazon or eBay more visibility.

The Winsome Way uses as a memorable short cut leading directly to the relevant product page on Amazon. landing page image (corporate vs ecommerce)Corporate vs Ecommerce

Does your corporate online business also sell products on the side? Make your online web shop more visible to consumers by using a .shop domain. decided to use to host their online web shop. (cross border expansion) english website landing pageCross-border Expansion

Since .shop is a word that is universally understood. It can also be used to expand your business abroad.

When Finland based wanted to expand overseas they chose to host their English website landing page. (complete switch from .be to .shop)Complete Switch

Unlike .com or .de, .shop immediately shows consumers you are a place for shopping. As a result it might be worthwhile changing to a .shop domain.

Flavor Shop was on a .be domain until they swapped to to better present their brand (brand portability) from amazon to .shopBrand Portability

Try expanding your business with .shop by creating a separate online web shop for your products.

Coloring Books For Adults used to direct their domain to Amazon, but once they had their own website set up was the perfect domain to instantly redirect traffic from Amazon to their own website. (memorable domain name)Memorable Domains

With plenty of names to choose from. You can kickstart your online business with a fun and easy to remember domain name.

As a Global Ecommerce Trustmark for online retailers, what could make a more memorable domain name than offline real shopPhysical to online shop

Great for expanding your business and showing consumers your are also an online web shop.

Fujigen is a bricks and mortar retail shop, so what better domain to reflect their business online than big brand redirectEcommerce platforms & services

Many large ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and Otto have already taken the leap and are using .shop as a redirect., and all redirect to the relevant marketplaces.

Why buy a .shop domain today?

Amidst COVID-19, consumers are starting to shop online more frequently. As a result, especially with Black Friday around the corner. It is important for brick-and-mortar businesses not to miss out on this trend by moving their business online.

This is where .shop helps out. .Shop is an easy and memorable domain extension that immediately shows consumers your website is a place for shopping. Whether you are already selling on a marketplace or are planning to move your business online. This short, meaningful and brandable domain name can differentiate you from your competitors by clearly identifying what it is that your business does. Making it easy for customers to remember where they can find you online.

Ready to start your online adventure? Get your favourite .shop domain name now at!


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