Online Marketplace supporting Black-Owned UK businesses launches in UK

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Wakuda, an online marketplace has launched, aiming to be the leading marketplace for Black-owned businesses in the UK.

Brought to life by Albert Larter and Nathaniel Wade in the midst of Black History month, the platform was built to provide a home for the amazing talents and businesses within the black community who are lacking exposure for a variety of reasons. Wakuda aims to empower the black community, stimulate the black economy and provide anyone and everyone the opportunity to access amazing Black-owned brands that aren’t often readily accessible for the majority. Seller or Buyers, both are equally part of the Wakuda community.

“You can purchase anything from the edible to the smellible, the drinkable to the wearable. If there’s something you’re looking for and can’t find here, let us know and we’ll hunt it down! Our list of partners is growing everyday! Check it out

We strive to make sure the buyers and sellers community at Wakuda benefit from our primary principles. Our success is your success, and your success is ours!”

Selling on Wakuda:

Although the exact fees have not been expressed on their website, they claim to be low with no limit to how many items can be listed.

Sellers are provided with a custom dashboard where they can manage everything all in one place and can access great tools to make life easier when getting started on their entrepreneurial journey.

Fill in an application and find out more about becoming a seller on Wakuda.

20 Responses

  1. This is completely racist! A white only business owners website wouldn’t last 2 seconds. This is ridiculous and frankly laughable!!!

  2. I hope they have taken advice on the Race Discrimination legislation. If they are only going to permit only black sellers it could be that they are unlawfully discriminating.

  3. Brexit economy going back 15 years all to stop mainly white Christian’s coming to the UK to do the Jobs we dont want to do. Totally NOT racist, it’s all about the fish.

    Black guy opens website for black people ‘well that’s just racist’ ‘ I shall report this to the authorities’.

    Got to love the UK.

  4. Over 1 Chinese uighur muslims locked away and forced to labour producing goods flooding into the west via VAT fraud. ‘Proper bargains on eBay init mate’

    200 listings on some random website aimed at the Black community

    ‘Well that’s just racist’

    ‘I shall be reporting this to my MP’

  5. @ifellow.

    White Christians by the millions who speak a different language called polish and thus piss##of to many voters …hence Brexit.

  6. Let’s not make this about Chinese sellers on ebay again….

    But yes, this seems a bit racist to me. Perhaps well intended but still.
    I think many people have lost sight of what racism actually is.

  7. The website is not racist. It’s a platform to empower small business owners who are black. As someone who is not black why don’t you buy and support the same way they do for all non-black non-ethnic minority business. It is statistically proven and factual that ethnic minorities are not treated the same as those who are British/white American in business. I urge you please do your research before being a keyboard warrior. Did you know it’s harder for people of colour (not just black) to secure business loans, build their entrepreneurship and get backing the same Way other companies do. The site is not for ‘blacks’ only. Best believe there are companies that only have white sellers and do not accept people of colour you just don’t hear about it as it’s not blatantly said. Instead of calling anything people of colour do as racist when standing up for themselves why don’t you try to take on a different view. There are bigger issues going on in the world rather than reporting this to your MP. I challenge you to see the positive in this rather than the negative.



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