What UK sellers need to know about selling in France

What UK sellers need to know about selling in France

If you missed our webinar on what UK sellers need to know about selling in France, held on the 1st of October, then you can now rewatch the webinar on TamebayTV.

Tamebay was joined by Sixte de Romblay who walked us through the French ecommerce market and revealed some of the differences between French and UK consumers and their expecations. It’s easy to think that if you sell in the UK then everything you do will automatically work in France but that’s not the case.

Sixte has been head of sales for technical products at Cdiscount for three years and so is well placed to know the French ecommerce market. With Cdiscount being the largest French retailer, their marketplace is vibrant with a host of features covering everything from local pick up for consumers to fulfilment services for merchants selling on their platform. Only Amazon sell more online than Cdiscount in France so it’s a marketplace that should be right at the top of your hit list when considering selling in France.

Sixte answered a raft of questions at the end of the webinar so watch through to the end, you’ll also see a video embedded in the webinar revealing behind the scenes operations at Cdiscount including a fascinating state of the art robotic warehouse where the robots don’t just carry goods at floor level but shoot up the warehouse racking many metres high to retrieve crates containing products sold and awaiting shipment.

If you have any questions on selling in France in general or selling on Cdiscount in particular, you can contact Sixte via LinkedIn messages.

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Cdiscount aren't an easy place for UK customers. They set unrealistic shipping times and their customers are very quick to open cases. Fast tracked shipping is essential. They are also terrible at responding to merchant's queries/problems and make Amazon look helpful

Merlo • 8th October 2020 •

They do fulfilment as well thou, have you had any experience with that side?

ifellow • 8th October 2020 •