BULQ offers wholesale goods with draft listings on eBay.com

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The perennial question for would be eBay sellers is “Where do I find things to sell?”. Now, in the US, eBay and Optoro have come together to create BULQ, offering wholesale lots to buy on eBay.

One of the cutest features is that inventory will come with automated draft listing creation making this almost a plug and play solution for buying and reselling stock. All would be sellers need to do is to review the listing for accuracy and add in product photos, description, some item specifics, shipping, price.

Together, eBay and Optoroy enable retailers to sell returned and excess inventory seamlessly on eBay, and in turn provide an influx of high-demand wholesale inventory for eBay sellers. The two companies leveraged their respective proprietary technologies to make sourcing and reselling on eBay faster and more seamless for sellers, thus accelerating the pace of resale.

Optoro is a retail returns tech company that manages & resells returns for retailers like Best Buy, Target, IKEA, American Eagle. They are partnering to resell returned goods on eBay to sellers. Resale is up and at the same time many retailers are flush with excess inventory from the pandemic.

Through BULQ on eBay, sellers can seamlessly purchase and resell liquidation lots on the eBay marketplace that include returned and excess merchandise from some of the largest and best-known brands in the industry. Once the lot is purchased, this first-of-its-kind solution allows sellers to efficiently pull product information from the lots and create individual listings to edit, review and publish directly to their eBay store. The collaboration helps make the resale of sought-after merchandise from leading retail brands more convenient and accessible for sellers looking to reach eBay’s millions of buyers.

“We created BULQ to solve an inventory problem for retailers and the environment by connecting their returned and excess goods to the many micro entrepreneurs looking to make a better living as resellers. As a result of store closures during the pandemic and record ecommerce growth, many retailers are now overloaded with such inventory and need even better outlets. We are excited to partner with eBay to create this more powerful joint BULQ offering that will both provide improved liquidity to the retail industry while also supplying quality inventory to the many individuals looking for ways to make ends meet in the gig economy during these difficult times.”
– Tobin Moore, CEO, Optoro

How to relist inventory from the BULQ® store

After making a purchase from the BULQ store, any registered eBay seller will have the option to generate draft listings with pre-filled data from their BULQ order in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Seller Hub “Listings” Tab
  2. If you’ve purchased a BULQ® lot, you will see a banner that will allow you to create draft listings with pre-filled information from your purchase. Additionally, from the “Create listing” dropdown you can select “Listings from BULQ® inventory” and select the lot you want to resell

  3. My eBay Selling “Overview”
  4. Any purchased cases will be displayed with an option to “Generate drafts”

  5. Order confirmation email
  6. Following a purchase of an eligible BULQ® lot, a reseller can select the “Generate drafts” option from the order confirmation email. This specific option can be used on either your mobile device or desktop

“eBay was founded 25 years ago on the promise of empowering people and fostering economic opportunity. Now more than ever, simple and effective ecommerce solutions are essential for businesses of all sizes to grow and thrive. Everything we do at eBay is with our customers in mind — and this BULQ partnership will help transform our sellers’ experience with resale by making the listing process easier and more streamlined. We’re excited by this opportunity with BULQ and look forward to providing this resale experience so our seller community can continue to flourish in today’s global marketplace.”
– Marni Levine, Vice President of Seller Operations and Engagement, eBay


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