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eBay have created a series of free video workshops to help sellers make the most out of an increased number of potential buyers on the marketplace. Today’s video looks at Promoted Listings with Mark Granshaw. With Coronavirus shutting shops and new business rules from 1 January 2021 due to Brexit, you’ll need to ensure you’re doing what you can to build up as much bank in Q4 as possible to avoid feeling the effects of the Christmas hangover in January. Consumers may be pushing your sales through the roof now but this could be a different story in Jan when they’ve spent all their money during the Christmas period.

In this first 10 minute workshop, Mark Granshaw from the eBay team talks about how you can help increase your chances of making a sale and getting more views, plus helping you stand out from the competition with Promoted Listings. Check back tomorrow for the next workshop.

3 Responses

  1. these have just become a cash cow for ebay. When they started we saw rates of 3 to 5%… Now we are seeing the rate suggested at 10 to 12% on many items.
    Many of those driving up the price and simply selling items at silly prices and so the whole thing is getting messy for buyers.
    When searching you now have to trawl through the masses of Chinese sellers clogging up the lists by addinga different letter etc at the end of the titles, thus being able to list the same items masses of times. Then there are the promoted listings that are often way more expensive than other non promoted listings. Oh mix it all up with listings with ket word spamming ( nothing seems to be done about this), and the dubious listings with a random 99p item added to increase it’s placement in price sorted listing…. Well you get my drift here.
    I’m still amazed that as a buyer i can’t search for items delivered next day. That is what i would like to see. Even as a seller i would like to see this. Instead ebay continues along it’s path of dire fallings and milking sellers to replace its poor performance.
    Sorry but promoted listings for me are a thing of the past now, they simply don’t make sense financially anymore in most cases and nor do they seem to produce the results that they once did.

  2. I think that Toby pretty much nailed it. I is quite obvious the way ebay are going. They want to appeal to the the buyer who’s only consideration is price. Hence they do not punish sellers with bad feedback as long as they offer a crap service and pay eBay the extra fees through sponsored listings. Ultimately it will be the customer who looses out and starts to shop elsewhere. Frankly the site is becoming more and more of a joke!


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