OnBuy marketing fund £45m Cyber Monday price crash

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You’ve got to love OnBuy marketing if you sell on their marketplace. Rather than bugging you to reduce your prices and offer deals that they can market to buyers, they’ve simply slashed their fees and used this to apply a discount across every single product that you sell.

Having discounted your products for you, they then popped up a message to let you know that OnBuy marketing is in full swing for Cyber Monday and that the price crash is now live. Their message is that if you see products selling at a lower price than you set then don’t be alarmed. OnBuy marketing will use the reduced sales fees to cover the difference and you’ll get the price you wanted.

Of course, if you have the margin to offer a Cyber Monday discount then you can offer an even better price. In this case you’ll still get the price you set but OnBuy will also discount your discount further and offset the additional savings for buyers with reduced fees.

“Once again we’re discounting everything across the website for one day only! As part of our Cyber Monday Price Crash event, we’re offering more than £45 million worth of savings to buyers!
If you see your products selling at a lower price, please don’t be alarmed – you’ll notice our sales fees will be reduced to cover the discount. All discounted orders will have a ‘discounted’ flag next to them on the Orders page in your Seller Control Panel.
Maximise your sales today with these two key recommendations:
1. Put forward your best prices using our Sale Price tool
2. Boost your listings to increase your visibility
We’re here to help today: if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Seller Support team.”

– OnBuy Marketing

We have to say we love this type of site wide discount. For buyers there’s no need to check if a product is on special offer today on Cyber Monday because absolutely everything is a Cyber Monday deal. For seller, OnBuy are playing their part so all you need to do is have fabulous inventory listed on OnBuy at great prices and the OnBuy marketing team will do the rest.

5 Responses

  1. Good luck… but I looked again (for some products I’ve been seeking) and still wasn’t impressed with the seller offerings.

    Not only are the prices from sellers double that of Amazon (on an identical product) but US results are coming up without being clearly marked, and – just like eBay – there aren’t any strict rules on sellers’ product descriptions – leading to a word soup with repeated text etc. I think there should be a strict style and title sheet to avoid that keyword jumble.

    Mostly, I think a better sale would’ve been:

    *Blue Monday*

    No, not the New Order song (although it’s a classic!). Forget Cyber Monday, 2020 is all about kindness.

    With other retailers falling over themselves to sell you more stuff you don’t need, work their employees to the bone and put more strain on the planet, we’ve decided to buck the trend and donate xx% of every purchase made on our site today to (NHS/Police/Fire etc charity).

    …I think that would’ve done good, gained excellent, wide PR and made for a better TV campaign.

    People are increasingly weary of our consumerism and what it ultimately does. It’s a bit like excessive online gambling culture.

    I don’t think the race to the bottom mentality is healthy, sustainable or what shoppers are ultimately going to want. Let Amazon destroy Marketplace with its China push in that direction if it wants – its reputation will soon follow.

    Also, if that Monsters Inc. style furry ball thing is going to be OnBuy’s mascot, it needs to be given a name (BuyBuddy? “Meet the BuyBuddy family” – I can imagine a TV campaign based on this) and some kind of prevelance. Personally, I’d have made it the ‘O’ of the OnBuy logo, complete with little eyes.

    Again, just my thoughts/free marketing advice!

    I still wish OnBuy luck!

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for your comment – your feedback is appreciated.

    We’re all about treating our sellers fairly, so we never push them into a race to the bottom on price. We discount every single product during these sales out of our own pocket – not our retailers’ – to drive more sales for sellers at no extra cost to them.

    We do give our sellers the option to set their own discounts using our Sale Price tool, but we don’t require them to do this for our sales days – it’s very much their own choice. We add our own discounts on top of our sellers’ to strengthen their offers and give our customers even better prices.

    OnBuy’s discounts are deliberately applied to every single one of the 30 million products on site so customers can enjoy savings no matter what they’re shopping for. You’ll get a discount whether you’re buying pet food, car parts, cleaning supplies, tools or anything in between!

    While it’s not related to Cyber Monday, we’re proud to have entered a two-year sponsorship of a charity festival. You can read all about this here: https://www.onbuy.com/gb/news/onbuy-saves-teddy-rocks-festival-with-two-year-sponsorship~a331/

    With regard to our mascot, we ran a competition last week to give someone the chance to name it and win £1,000 to spend at OnBuy. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the big reveal!

    Best regards, OnBuy.

  3. Wonder how much Amazon made from all the OnBuy sales seen as there are already loads of Amazon sellers on the site.

  4. What a refreshing attitude from OnBuy. We joined recently and I have been very impressed by their seller-friendly approach. Different class from a certain bullying marketplace rival.


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