eBay USPS QR Codes remove need for printed labels

eBay USPS QR Codes remove need for printed labels

Nothing is more frustrating for a consumer than wanting to sell on eBay, having to buy postage but not possessing a printer in order to get your label. Now, in the US, eBay USPS QR codes have made it simpler to sell and buy postage regardless whether you’re using desktops, mobile or tablet as you no longer need a printer.

eBay sellers in the US now no longer need to print eBay shipping labels at home. They can now download the QR code on their phone and visit the nearest participating post office or shipping retailer who can print the shipping label on the seller’s behalf.

The really cute part is that with eBay USPS QR Codes, sellers can now access the benefits of using eBay Labels, like automatic tracking and shipping discounts, even if they don’t have a printer.

“As we continue to modernise our platform as part of the tech-led reimagination of our marketplace, product updates like digital QR codes are helping to streamline the seller experience and are important in making eBay the platform of choice for sellers.”
– eBay

When entering the shipping flow, the seller is guided to check for the nearest post office equipped with this feature. The seller can select a QR code as the label format and receive it via email or download it directly from the shipping flow.

eBay USPS QR Codes are now live for all users in the US for USPS domestic labels. eBay are working to expand this offering to other carriers in the US, as well as other global markets. Additionally, we’re planning to expand the use of QR codes into our return label flows.

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