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Join Hubert Kaszuba as he talks about Selling Physical Goods with G2A Marketplace.

For many businesses, 2020 is going to be remembered as a difficult year. Many have experienced reductions in turnover, transactions, and clients.

These problems have also acted as a catalyst for change. The e-commerce space has become a go-to place for merchants facing downturn. In this environment, marketplaces like G2A.COM offer a unique set of opportunities for your business to adjust and grow.

You may recognise G2A Marketplace as a world-leading marketplace for electronic game keys. G2A.COM has become a trailblazer hub for instant delivery and safe transactions in the gaming community.

Today, with more than twenty million gamers and geeks using the site, G2A.COM is poised to expand its offering with electronics and hardware to give its community the complete gaming package.

Verify and get started

To start selling physical goods, users first need to verify their account. At G2A.COM we want all our buyers to feel safe while shopping and, subsequently, provide them with state-of-the art transaction security system, including phone verification. Our seller vetting process is a vital part of this process.

This is very straightforward. Users simply need to create and verify their account by providing basic information about their business, including financial information and identity of sole trader. Then, we’re ready to start selling.

Learn how to sell individual offers and get started

We’ve simplified offer creation process to make it as intuitive and easy-to-learn as possible. For anyone that has ever used another selling platform, ours should feel nice and familiar. Users can select pre-defined templates and select a Category, Subcategory and Product Type before setting a price, quantity and specification details.

At G2A.COM, we automate the tricky pricing subsystems – like calculating the price or VAT – to free user time to do more important things like planning their next product sale.

Our support tools are also integrated…

In the case of an issue, or some general feedback, with a product, sellers can exchange tickets with the buyer in a convenient all-in-one place system with message sorting options and an intuitive interface. Customer support plays a major role in how a business is perceived, so we’ve prepared a know-it-all guide to help new users navigate the process and master the art of buyer interaction. You can find many more practical articles in our SupportHub for sellers.

Buyers will most definitely appreciate the additional effort to generate a positive rating, and being an Excellent Seller will reward users with a special badge that further enhances their recognition on G2A.COM.

Scale up with G2A API…

Posting a singular offer always takes some time. The competitiveness of the market doesn’t make it easier. Ever-shrinking margins have an effect, meaning the higher volume sellers are the kings.

We understand the challenges our sellers face and we strive to always provide solutions to help them turn their passion into a business. We champion the use of automation and encourage users to use our platform to take care of the nitty gritty processes so they can dedicate time to planning and strategizing.

G2A API can help you achieve that goal.

The benefits about G2A API are all about saving time. Sellers can specify the details of multiple offers and post them all automatically. Once set up, sellers can also adjust the prices using API, eliminating the need to manually edit individual offers one-by-one. This all comes on top of negotiable selling fees for physical goods and a free maintenance & assistance package for G2A API for the first two months.

Prepared by our IT team, G2A API is dedicated to larger sellers who need to upload multiple products at once. The implementation of this process is not automatic, as users still need to create appropriate endpoints. This is, ultimately, best handled by someone with coding experience, but we make sure the process is a simple as possible.

Our dedicated API team is always available for consultation and to help sellers with any questions they may have while integrating the service onto their page.

You can find detailed G2A API documentation here and see more details on our dedicated SupportHub article here.

…or with BaseLinker

For those that are used to selling physical products on other major selling platforms, BaseLinker might look familiar. As a partner of G2A.COM, we can offer BaseLinker’s services to automate the physical selling process.

Simply put, BaseLinker allows sellers to automatically post offers on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Allegro, eBay, and, now, on G2A.COM. With the ability to manage offers from one place, it serves a similar purpose as G2A API: saving the time and effort needed to manually post individual offers.

This convenient tool is accessible on some of the most popular selling platforms in the world and has already attracted prominent sellers to G2A.COM.

For more details on how to use BaseLinker on G2A.COM check this article from our sellers’ SupportHub here.

Automation is undoubtedly going to become a decisive factor in the future of e-commerce.

Millions of gamers and geeks await your offers on G2A.COM! Start your seller’s journey and visit us at

8 Responses

  1. This all comes on top of negotiable selling fees…” you don’t mention what the fees are.

  2. This API documentation is basically code to write. Would need to hire help, which is extra cost for me. Can you make my fees lower at start to cover part of it?

  3. even if I go automatic on the auction posting I will still need to use your tools for customer support?

  4. Hey Natlie,

    “This all comes on top of negotiable selling fees…” you don’t mention what the fees are.”

    We have all relevant information on the topic of fees here: .

    If you wish to know more about individual fees per category, promotion period, etc, please contact us at [email protected] to get more information.

    Selling physical goods is very competitive therefore we want to keep the possibility for individual negotiations open. This can be done via Seller Support.

  5. Hey Jeff Neville,

    “What are the available countries for me to sell to?”

    Currently, you can sell to all EU countries + the U.K. In the future G2A.COM may extend its logistical operations to include more countries.

  6. Hey Kris,

    “This API documentation is basically code to write. Would need to hire help, which is extra cost for me. Can you make my fees lower at start to cover part of it?”

    All sellers get their first month free of selling fees (sales commission + successful transaction fee) that should help every new seller on G2A.COM.

    From the experience of our sellers, the initial costs of developing API are worth the effort later when the sales volumes go higher.

  7. Hey Chris,

    “even if I go automatic on the auction posting I will still need to use your tools for customer support?”

    Correct. The customer support tools are integrated though, so you will be able to answer all customers using your G2A.COM account.



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