EU road deliveries paused by DPD citing ‘complex’ Brexit issues

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The latest challenge for cross border traders has seen DPD pause EU road deliveries from the UK due to as many as 1 in 5 of all parcels having the wrong or incomplete paperwork. This includes a pause in deliveries to the Republic of Ireland.

“The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement resulted in more complex processes, and additional customs data requirements for parcels destined for Europe. This, along with delays and congestion at UK ports for channel crossings, has placed extra pressure on our turnaround and transit times. We are seeing up to 20% of parcels with incorrect or incomplete data attached, resulting in these parcels needing to be returned to customers, so that the required data can be provided. In view of this unprecedented set of circumstances we believe that it is only right to pause and review our road service into Europe, including the Republic of Ireland.”

The big problem for carriers is that if just one parcel on a truck is lacking the correct paperwork then the whole truck can be held up at the border and indeed potentially turned around and sent back to the depot. In addition, carriers are not set up for holding and storing parcels while they wait for paperwork to catch up – they have conveyor belt sortation systems which are designed to offload parcels and fly them directly to the loading dock for the outgoing trailer. There’s literally no where in their warehouses for storing thousands of parcels and matching them up with paperwork when it arrives. Pretty much the only solution is to return them to the retailer and in the mean time pause EU road deliveries until they’re ready to restart services.

DPD intend the temporary suspension of EU road deliveries to be as short as possible with the aim of restarting services on the 13th of January. In the mean time they are working with customers to validate and correct data and to reduce the delays and resume their normal service.

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  1. Our parcel had correct paperwork, EORI number, HS code, but DPD are returning it.
    Everyone knew Brexit was coming why didn`t DPOD get their act together.
    If it was problems with other parcels DPD should check the paperwork when it was booked or when it was collected.

  2. We have had the same issues with DPD returning packages to us that had all of the correct paperwork. We did not have any issues with DHL. It seems DPD were indeed not prepared.

  3. Our parcels to Italy were correctly documented and have actually gone missing, having arrived in Hinckley on the 5th it now just says Forwarded to depot. Nobody will tell us anything, the investigation has still not seen a response from dpd. Could they be stuck in a truck somewhere?

  4. I am awaiting a delivery from Michael Kors,which id held up due to your suspension relating to Brexit Paperwork at import,hope all is resolved soon Thank You

  5. same issue for me with dpd local returning package which had all of the paperwork they requested and with no note to say why or what to do next. The issue with the borders is one thing but the comunication from and the possability to contact dpd local is non existant.

  6. I am also awaiting a delivery from Michael Kors which is a present and was ordered on 6th Jan and still my DPD app says they have received the order but not received the parcel

  7. Same here , ive ordered 2 items from Micheal Kors, one says they have received data but no parcel and other one does not let me track. Very frustrating

  8. Same 🙁 I ordered from Michael Kors on 2nd January and it says recieved data but did not get the parcel. :S Will we get anything from MK? I asked them about the delivery and refund and they didnt even answer for the second question :S

  9. I’m awaiting delivery from Michael kors too, they are a terrible company and really are not interested at all, as long as they have got our money. No one at Mk is available to contact they are ignoring our emails. They think it’s acceptable to press a button and send out generic reply’s to our emails. MK know that we won’t receive our orders. Neither did They advise us at the time of ordering that we would encounter problems with our deliveries due to customs, brexit and Dpd.
    MK will receive all our orders back, that’s if they haven’t already been lost. They should be a decent and issue us all with refunds we have waited long enough now. My status hasn’t changed in over a week now. Still with customs. I for one will never order from MK again. It’s not just the issues with the deliveries it the lack of care and no customer support that none of us have received. This needs reporting to watch dog or some consumer programs to stop them taking more orders and money from customers and knowing we won’t ever receive our orders. Shocking !!! They have shown us how much they care by just ignoring all their customers

  10. Pete

    Read the article and first few comments, as it’s clear the blame lies with DPD. They were accepting some parcels they shouldn’t have, causing problems for the rest of the correctly prepared parcels. They needed to put something solid in place to stop that happening. Hopefully they have now done that. It shouldn’t be difficult, as people have been sending parcels from the UK to countries we aren’t in a customs union with for a very long time.

  11. Im awaiting 2 parcels from MK I ordered on the 7th and tracking keeps showing in custom clearance process. Very worried I will not get my parcels or refund.

  12. We send out goods from the UK to private customers in the EU and beyond with DPD. When the French border closed for 2 days on 22 Dec, DPD suspended their EU road service. They didn’t reinstate it until 4 Jan.
    On 7 Jan DPD suspended their EU road service again without having sent any of our parcels overseas. All the parcels collected by DPD from us from 4-7 Jan were returned to us a week later. Well not all of them, they’ve lost 4.
    DPD reinstated their EU road service again on 16 Jan, but everything we’ve sent to the EU in the 2 working days since then is still on hold at the DPD depot. I suspect they’re going to suspend it, again, and return all the unsent parcels to us, again.

  13. Same story here!

    The package has been returned to my home address.

    Why did you let me place an order for the service knowing you are unable to fulfil the request?!?!!

    It is exceptionally annoying and unprofessional.

    I have tried to get refund done online but your faulty system tells me parcel is still in transit .. well I am looking at it now, because it has been returned after you stored it unlawfully instead getting it delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or other couriers seem to be doing fine.

    It is over 2 weeks now and still no refund !

    I will not be using your services again purely for lack of coordination, lack of communication and mess you have out there in general.

    Awful experience.

  14. My parents sent me a package from EU on DECEMBER 15th. Normally, it would get to me within 4-5 days but this time it took dpd 22 days before it even got to the UK, which means it arrived after brexit. It’s been at the sortation facility for another 20 days now. I contacted customer support twice and I couldn’t find out anything beyond ‘it’s due to brexit’. My family also filed a complain from their side.
    I am so annoyed because that package was sent well before January and it’s not our fault it arrived in the UK so late. My experience with customer service was also poor at best. One person I talked to seemed to really want to help, they just didn’t know anything but the other one straight up disconnected me.

  15. January 6th ‘Located in our Hub’ message… DPD online customer service is rubbish!.. despite forwarding them an image of the complete address label, which included full address from the sender in Italy and our full address and mobile number, online chat said my house number was missing? I mean really? Ive rung DPD a few times now and depending on who you speak to you get different answers, the first one wouldn’t co-operate because he said the address was incorrect and refused to continue the conversation!.. the second politely told me to speak with the sender, then the third time yesterday said in fact the address was fine and that there was simply an enormous backlog! So who’s right?

  16. OH DPD, how Brexit has ruined your business to the EU, I feel that someone from the top should look at who created this mess. Myself I blame it on your new Hub and the top of the art software that basically didn’t work properly.

    Over 80 parcels sent at the beginning of Jan only to get about 70 returned, no explanation why they came back to us, rang up DPD and got excuses, No Eori number, Product description was incorrect, commodity code was wrong or missing only to get from the confused export team that we did nothing wrong. We use MyDPD software so if you do not fill in the details you cant print a ticket.

    We then got our weekly invoice, they were charging us £20 for each parcel they returned (70 x £20), queried this with the credit team, they said it was our fault, but we have proved that it was not our fault. We are now fighting to get these charges removed but all we get is, you have to speak to the International/Exports team, when we speak to them they say we have to speak to the accounts team. It goes back and forth like a tennis game

    I know they have a lot to do but please do not try to make it as our fault, it is bad enough losing 90% of our business, so having to keep writing/phoning DPD to get nowhere, this does not help us try to find other ways to earn a living. Get it sorted please DPD, clear all the return charges from our invoices, we are also struggling because of Covid and Brexit, most of DPD are getting paid as they are still working or on Furlough.

    UPS took our parcels, they asked for less info, yes they still have problems but at least they got past the borders.

  17. DPD picks up parcels and then returns them. If the border is closed just say so, don’t simply charge people for the privilege of returning their shipments. And one of my parcels is now missing somewhere in your hub.

  18. Over the past week or so DPD are allowing the EU bound parcels to be collected from GB then returning them back to us without even leaving GB. Of course billing us for outward and return ! Then our customers getting the message parcel is returned, making us look like a bunch of clowns even though the Eori and customs codes are filled in etc for the customs paperwork electronically. Mickey Mouse setup.

  19. I am not sure what else to do and how to get the answers. Ordered booked service on 7th January parcel was picked up on 8th January and marked for return to sender on 11th at Hinckley HUB 4. Why advertise services and charge for them if there is no intent to deliver? I still didn’t get my parcel back and customer services fail to tell me where it is and when it is going to be delivered to me. Frustration and disappointment.

  20. You get charged by Parcel2go then wait several weeks wondering where the hell your parcel has got to then get told you owe nearly 20 euros or face having your parcel returned. Pathetic and dishonest. I shall stick to Royal Mail in future.

  21. DPD have been useless. I understand delays and confusion, but not responding to customer emails and not letting us know why they returned our parcel or where it is now is just plain wrong.

  22. DPD nightmare!Since Jan 1st I have sent 14 parcels to italy: Within 10 days 11 were returned to me . I contacted DPD and Parcel 2 go (the booking agents) on 18th Jan who both then told me Systems are back to normal and ok to re send. We rebooked all the parcels with full documentation eori code and tariff codes together with multiple customer receipts which is above the online requirements for dpd. We have now had all but one these parcels returned for a second time: no explanation : goods damaged and others lost. Italian customers screaming for refunds. During this time p2g were still advertising dpd services! Totally ridiculous levels of bad service and dishonesty! I have now sent these orders via Royal mail (who are now cheaper!) and so far no returns and tracking shows progress to destination. Cannot understand how DPD have got it so wrong. No Apology..No explantion. Fighting for refunds! I am a small business and this has cost me £1000’s! Hope this helps other potential customers to avoid the stress this has caused me!


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