eBay Zero Insertion Fees for New in 2021 Business Sellers

eBay Zero Insertion Fees for New in 2021 Business Sellers

If you signed up to sell on eBay UK for the first time in 2021 as a business seller, then there is an eBay Zero Insertion Fees promotion to help you get started selling on eBay. The eBay Zero Insertion Fees promotion will be valid for all listings from the 1st of February 2021 until the 28th of February 2021.

Participation is linked to the seller’s account and is not transferable so it will only work on eBay business accounts which have been opened this year. You’ll need to be registered on eBay UK and have a UK registered address on your account.

Any listings which are created during the Promotion Period are eligible, including listing that are automatically relisted through the Automatic relist function or the Good ‘Till Cancelled function, if they are relisted within the Promotion Period.

Full terms and conditions for the promotion are available on eBay.

If you are new to eBay, this eBay promotion represents an ideal time to get serious and list as much stock as possible on eBay. If it’s not listed then it can’t sell so make a concerted effort to work through your stock as quickly as possible to take full advantage of the promo.

Then, if you start to be successful, we would recomend that you seriously consider a monthly subscription to an eBay shop from March as eBay shops come with a regular monthly free listing allowance. Not only will an eBay shop give you a minimum of 250 fixed price listing plus 50 auction listings (starting at £25/month subscription), but it will also reduce the cost if you go over your free allowance saving even more money. There are many other benefits of an eBay shop and you can find our more here.

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ebay are not really offering a lot here, other than a good deal for themselves if it sells insertion fees are a very minor part of our fees promotional fees and final value fees are the main cost

victor • 2nd February 2021 •

So they give (so called) private sellers 1000 free listings a month and now new business sellers get a leg up - thanks from all of your loyal, long term business sellers Ebay! Geez

Ratso • 2nd February 2021 •