notonthehighstreet welcome newbies to the marketplace

notonthehighstreet welcome newbies to the marketplace

notonthehightreet have welcomed some of the newbies recently set up on the marketplace and are looking to support more small businesses as it grows. In an email sent out over the past couple of days the class of 2021 was welcomed to the stage.

It’s nice to see the notonthehightreet featuring and introducing some of the newbies that have recently made their transition online. It will help provide those businesses with a little bit of recognition whilst showing those who haven’t yet started selling online what they are missing.

The featured businesses all have their own quirky, unique, feel-good styles and provide a little inspiration for creators who can also shine through on the marketplace.


Designer Lea wanted to make her (self-proclaimed) terrible food more exciting – and so Vaisselle was born. Each ceramic piece is handmade in Andalucia from local clay, then is hand-painted by a family of artisans. Her gingham creations are like a ray of sunshine for your table (literally – they’re left to dry in the Spanish sun).


Founded on a belief that all children should see themselves reflected in the books they read, Lantana makes little ones the hero of their own tale. Children of all races, ethnicities, genders, abilities and orientations are represented and celebrated by exciting new authors and talented illustrators from across the globe. Literary adventure: this way.

Cheeky Little Kitchen

During the first lockdown, restaurants had to close their doors – leaving warehouses full of artisan ingredients that could’ve gone to waste. Then two former Michelin-star chefs, Vicky and Rupert, stepped in. Their make-at-home ice-cream kits use the finest quality produce, so you can enjoy luxury desserts from the comfort of your kitchen. Deee-licious.

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Nearly impossible to get on there.

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