Refurbished furniture sales on eBay skyrocket

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eBay have revealed that more customers than ever before are actively choosing to purchase sustainable homewares, driving a significant boost for the refurbished homewares market. Refurbished furniture is about as sustainable as you can get, although products genuinely made locally from renewable materials are also popular as evidenced by the success of eBay for Business award winner Sustain Furniture.

With prolonged retail closures, the pandemic has given rise to more people buying home furniture online, which has naturally also led to more returns for stock that is largely good as new. Yet, consumers are increasingly looking for more eco-friendly options to furnish their home, which has led to a big spike in searches for refurbished options.

Searches for ‘refurbished sofa’ were up 133% in 2020 vs the prior year, and searches for ‘refurbished bed’ were up 50%.
Meanwhile, searches for ‘eco furniture’ and ‘sustainable furniture’ saw a huge rise in 2020 compared to 2019, up 123% and 171% respectively.

eBay Seller Clearcycle

One of the businesses that has benefited from this trend is Wigan-based eBay seller, ClearCycle, which refurbishes and sells returned or excess homewares stock from designer brands such as Cox & Cox, Nectar Sleep, Swoon and Highstreet TV. The company, which is on eBay as ClearDeals Outlet, has seen a massive 205% year-on-year sales growth in 2020.

The business model is designed to reduce the environmental impact by diverting returned and surplus goods from landfill. The products are reworked and resold on eBay at almost 50% lower than the RRP and doubling the lifespan of the product. Since starting out in 2016, ClearCycle has grown in five years to a team of 15 employees servicing and distributing these products. Other key trading highlights include:

  • Over 1,300 refurbished sofas sold
  • Sales of refurbished appliances up 271% with over 2,000 NutriBullets resold at a 50% discount
  • Sale of refurbished furniture increased 169%, with 6,287 sofas, tables, chairs and more refurbished and resold

“The past year has seen more and more consumers buy home furnishings and accessories online, which has naturally led to more returns too. With showrooms temporarily closed for a good part of 2020, ClearCycle has helped retailers find value in excess and returned stock that would otherwise be diverted to landfill. This has also come at a time when consumers are more willing to shop sustainably, proving that people can still buy high quality furniture and accessories, that’s better for the environment and excellent value for the customer.”
– Daniel Hague, Commercial Director, ClearCycle

15% off Clearcycle refurbished furniture with eBay PLAYWITH15 coupon

Until midnight this coming Friday, the 19th of February you can get 15% off from ClearCycle and other selected sellers with the eBay Coupon code PLAYWITH15. There is a minimum £20 spend with a maximum discount of £60, but you can use the coupon code 3 times.

“ClearCycle is such an exciting and innovative business that we are thrilled to be working with at eBay UK. It’s clear that more people than ever are choosing to invest in the spaces they live in – whether it be buying a new sofa, splashing out on furnishings, or upgrading kitchen appliances. The stamp duty holiday has also given an important boost to the sector, as renters become owners and need to furnish a brand-new home for the first time. Refurbished items are clearly front of mind for many not just because they are more sustainable, but they’re also great value. This customer interest is a trend we expect will continue – that both larger and smaller furniture retailers can continue to benefit from.”
– Alex Hiatt, UK Home & Garden category manager, eBay

ClearCycle, along with all other small business sellers on the platform, are able to benefit from eBay’s seller offer currently live throughout February. To support retailers facing another month of closure and uncertainty, eBay has removed all listing fees for new businesses registering on eBay UK, and given sellers registered in 2020 50 free listings and 50% off Final Value Fees.

3 Responses

  1. Start of the week get a message thanking me for opening a business on ebay which I have had for over a year now.Y ou won’t have to pay fees to list or sell until 31 July 2020. Not sure how I go back in time to take advantage of that offer.

    Today get another great offer from ebay for 50% final value fees in:
    Pottery, Porcelain & Glass
    Sports Memorabilia
    All categories I have never sold an item in whilst running a business in 10 years on ebay.

    No doubt all the antique traders are getting the same offer 50% off in home and gardens category.

  2. Same here Rob, that erroneous email together with the managed payments fiasco caused some consternation. We originally thought there was something wrong with our account. We still haven’t been switched to managed payments- and long may that continue. I don’t fancy the idea of not having a full eBay invoice for everything together. It’s going to cause us hours of book keeping work for nothing.

  3. We just received an email saying our managed payment switch is on the 22nd just 4 days away !
    what happened to the at least 2 weeks notice???


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