Etsy Offsite Ads expansion to publishing sites

Etsy Offsite Ads expansion to publishing sites

If you use paid promotion then you’ll be interested to learn of the Etsy Offsite Ads expansion to include publishing sites such as Buzzfeed, Martha Stewart, and Real Simple.

If you’re wondering if this impacts you then the answer is almost certainly yes, as all Etsy sellers are automatically opted in to Offsite Ads with only a few eligible to opt out. Fees are an additional 12-15% but are only payable if a click from an Offsite Ad leads to a sale, if the sale comes from a click on Etsy then you won’t pay the additional fees.

Etsy Offsite Ads uses Etsy’s budget and expertise to promote your items on multiple high-traffic sites including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bing. The Etsy Offsite Ads expansion will see Etsy listings and shops shared directly with top publishers so when they’re creating shopping experiences for their sites they can choose to feature products from Etsy. Ads will also be available to social media influencers and bloggers who also might drive sales for your products.

There’s nothing extra you need to do. When you’re part of Offsite Ads, your listings are automatically shared directly with Etsy’s publishing partners so they have all the details they need if they choose to feature your items. There are no upfront fees, you are only charged an advertising fee when you make a sale from a feature on a publisher’s site.

In addition to adding publishers to Offsite Ads, Etsy are also expanding from Google Shopping to the full Google Display Network. That means your ads can appear on thousands of sites that partner with Google, helping you reach more potential customers, even when they’re not actively searching for something to buy.

Etsy have added these sites to your Offsite Ads dashboard so you can see the traffic and sales you receive from these new channels. As a bonus, they are not charging an Offsite Ads fee on any orders you receive from their new publishing promotions for the first 30 days. The Offsite Ads advertising fee will apply to any new orders you receive from these channels after the 25th of March 2021.

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