Etsy releases Top Home Decor Trends for 2021

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Etsy have recently released their Top Home Decor Trends for 2021. With consumers spending more time indoors, adapting, and decorating living spaces was a big priority for many.

Top Home Decor Trends

After a year at home, consumers are once again thinking about refreshing their living spaces so here are the must-have decor trends according to Etsy for 2021.


According to Etsy durable, sustainable material travertine is on the rise. Searches are up 211% for travertine items and shoppers are especially looking for travertine tables – both vintage and handmade – with searches up 361%.

Japanese and Scandinavian Aesthetics

Consumers are keener to make their spaces clutter-free yet cosy. Japandi – a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics is currently the answer. On Etsy, there has been a 172% increase in searches for Japanese decor and a 55% increase in searches for Scandinavian decor.

Wavy, squiggly, and curvy decor

Consumers seem to be opting for squiggly, curvy decor. There’s been a staggering 28,236% increase in searches for wavy candles and 5,296% increase in searches for wavy mirrors. The trend can be incorporated into decor as subtly as in a mug handle or as statement-making as in a floor-length mirror.

The home sanctuary

Shoppers are taking refuge in their own homes by creating soothing, stress-free sanctuaries. Etsy have seen a 7,466% increase in searches for eucalyptus shower bundles, a 212% increase in searches for bath caddies and a 120% increase in searches for waffle towels.

Shoppers are also adding more greenery to their spaces as a way to connect with nature. There has been a 269% increase in searches for olive trees and an 896% increase in searches for faux olive trees.

Checkered prints

Checkerboard prints are currently making a comeback. On Etsy, searches for checkered print items within the home and living category have jumped 889%, as shoppers look for items like checkered print rugs (up 1,004%), checkered print pillows and poufs (up 327%), and checkered print blankets, quilts, or bedding (up 182%).

Mushroom motifs

Mushrooms are making their way from gardens and wellness to home decor. There has been a 371% increase in searches for mushroom lamps. Etsy have also seen a whopping 902% increase in searches for mushroom pillows and pillow cases.


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