Friction free international shipping & coping with additional paperwork

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Bobbie Ttooulis GFS WTO terms Friction free international shipping & coping with additional paperworkFriction free international shipping isn’t something we’ve seen much of so far in 2021 and it’s not going to get any easier with the introduction of the US STOP Act for US shipping and the ICS2 requirements for the EU both becoming effective today. Without a doubt, software solutions will be needed so today, Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director at GFS talks software solutions and how they can assist you.

You can also register for our webinar with GFS taking place on the 23rd of March where we’ll be diving into how you can achieve friction free international shipping in more detail.

Paperless Technology Solution for Friction Free International Shipping

In January 2021, the reality hit ecommerce businesses of the additional paperwork and costs they would be facing when shipping to the EU. With the last-minute nature of the deal, businesses weren’t prepared for the new requirements and many parcels were stuck at customs due to missing or incorrect information.

Customs declarations, rules of origin checks, product safety certificates, and inspections are all now part of international shipping, meaning businesses are drowning in all the paperwork required. The number of businesses contacting GFS for help with shipping and returns to the EU does not seem to be dissipating, as they grapple with the future of selling internationally.

Hesitancy for Businesses over Implementing New Technology

Businesses have found themselves lacking the technology tools to make international trading simpler. Tools to capture mandatory data such as the EORI number and enable paperless trade would make the whole process faster and friction free, whilst also reducing risk for human error.

For some businesses, costs are a barrier to implementing the right technology, whilst others don’t have confidence in their own IT departments to make implementation seamless. For businesses working with multiple carriers, they may be facing different technology integrations for each carrier to make things even more complicated.

The adoption of technology can seem like a daunting task, but GFS have launched a Brexit Technology Bundle which is easy to implement and simplifies cross border delivery. Complimentary as part of the International ecommerce Delivery services, not only does this bundle help calculate duties and taxes, and provide an easy returns process, GFS Selector also automates parcel labelling and customs documentation.

The Right Tool for Automated Customs Documentation and Labelling

GFS Selector is a multi-carrier labelling and despatch platform that brings together all your different sales channels and carrier services into one system. Able to print up to 10,000 labels per hour, all labels are printed to be carrier compliant and enable paperless trade for electronic customs clearance. Its fast, robust and has a choice of integration options to make it easy for IT teams.

By implementing paperless trade, ecommerce businesses can keep international selling smooth, taking the hassle of paperwork out of their hands, and ensuring no parcels get stuck at the border due to incomplete or incorrect information. And last but not least, let’s not forget that paperless trade is also kinder for our planet!

Get a preview of how GFS technology can help ease cross border friction

RegisterHaving seen massive issues with initial Brexit shipments, with many returned to sellers with the added insult of return charges, today sees the implementation of the US STOP act and the EU ICS2 data requirements.

You will want to register to join our webinar on March 23rd to find out how to electronically submit your data and you’ll get an exclusive preview of GFS ‘Brexit software bundle’ – GFS Selector, GFS Checkout with Duties and Tax calculator and GFS Global Returns Pro to generate paperless customs declarations required with both outbound and inbound shipping.


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