Parcel2Go launches exclusive Hermes parcel prices

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Parcel2go have re-launched their ‘cheaper than the post office’ exclusive Hermes small & medium parcel prices this month offering customers discounts on 1kg & 2kg parcels.

“We are proud to re-introduce exclusive Hermes Small & Medium services to With lock-down and COVID-19 restrictions in place, safely sending parcels is more important than ever for individuals and businesses.

“With Hermes Small & Medium – and our exclusive pricing – you won’t find a cheaper or better way to send 1- 2kg parcels than Parcel2Go – and that includes the Post Office!”
– Adam Harris, Managing Director, Parcel2Go

Customers simply place an order with Parcel2Go then take the small or medium-sized parcel to a nearby drop-off location where it is collected and delivered by Hermes couriers. The prices are as shown below.

  • 1kg Small and Medium parcels: £2.25 ex VAT
  • 2kg Small and Medium parcels: £2.40 ex VAT

Note that the dimensions for Small parcels are a maximum of 45cm long, 35cm wide and 16cm high. Medium parcels, meanwhile, are 1.2m long and have a maximum girth of 2.25m. Small and Medium parcels, weighing up to 2kg, can be sent using Parcel2Go’s and are delivered to their destination within two to three working days.

If you are selling on eBay, it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of the promotion, Sign in/Register with your account; Link your eBay account with Smart Send; and you’re ready to start sending with your sales ready to ship and Smart Send will also synchronise with eBay to automatically mark items as dispatched.

5 Responses

  1. 2kg small and medium parcels £2.40 plus vat
    Seems odd?????
    Plus keep a close eye on what your actually charged
    Their smart send app has a habit of overcharging
    Plus they surcharge for fun

  2. Yes definitely regularly claim that a parcel sent are overweight, claiming that a parcel that might weigh 300g has suddenly ballooned in size to 6kg+ or similar to hit with a surcharge of £6.00 to £8.00 are not unusual, this would happen a few time a week, when I used them all the time. When challenged to provide pictures of oversize parcel they can’t as the courier doesn’t provide this. Also if you raise a claim against a non-delivery they will confirm it hasn’t been delivered as the tracking shows this, but more often there is always a “glitch” meaning that they haven’t refunded the postage cost and you have to list these manually with a help operator to get refunded. Also they hid the screen that made making claims on non-delivery, to make it much harder and time consuming. Finally they completely changed there rate on the smart send, didn’t inform you or update the “smart Send information to reflect these new rates. Finally as it Hermes epxect a loss rate of 5%-10% plus as parcels are just left anywhere, or delivery confirmation show a up of a parcel against a wall which could have been taken anywhere

  3. Watch out too for their varying definitions of max parcel size depending on which Hermes website you use – yes they differ! Hermes tried conning me out of another £10+ on an order recently until I pointed this out to them……..

    As for the the BBC news article about overloaded delivery cars – yup that`s why they are so cheap cos they pay nowt and get drivers to use their own (unsuitable) delivery vehicles. Courier companies aint changed much since I was a motorcycle courier 33 years ago – they always pay the driver next to nothing and safety just isn`t a concern. Thank gawd we still have Royal Mail (for a while)……

  4. Yes we often used P2Go and on the whole it was satisfactory but poor when handling problems and lost parcels. Also, roughly 1 out if every 12 to 15 UPS parcels came back as undeclared size with fines and handling charges- often mounting to fairly substantial amounts of money. No evidence was ever given – apparently it was up to the sender to submit photographic evidence etc to prove otherwise. Who on earth has the time and effort to photograph the weights and dimensions of their ad hoc sized parcels? Utter lunacy. We spent 30k a year on their site but decided to pull out after the last daft overcharge. Enough was enough.


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Parcel2Go 50% off new customer discount

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