Product Documents for Brands on Amazon

Product Documents for Brands on Amazon

Amazon Brand owners can now upload product documents like installation manuals, compatibility guides and troubleshooting guides so that they will be available to customers on the product detail pages. Customers will benefit from this content pre-purchase to make shopping decisions and post purchase to make the most of the products they buy.

By uploading additional documentation, brands can reduce customer service calls and product returns, and increase customer satisfaction. No matter how complete and comprehensive the offer page is and how much A+ content is added, there will always be questions from potential customers and those who purchase might have post-sales questions.

The ability to upload documents is free and open to all brand owners. If you are a brand owner, refer to Manage product documents today to get started.

“These are customer-facing documents that will be shown on your product detail pages. They are intended to provide pre-purchase information and post-purchase support content to customers. Adding product documents to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, lower customer support costs, increased sales, and fewer returns when used effectively.”
– Amazon

Types of product documents that can be uploaded

Application guide
Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
Comparison chart
Compatibility guide
Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)
EUA Amendment(s)
Fact Sheet (Patient)
Fact Sheet (Provider)
Installation manual
Instructions For Use (IFU)
Safety data sheet
Safety information
Size guide
Specification sheet
Troubleshooting guide
User guide
User manual
Other content
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Great feature, finally! Helps to provide detailled information on products where it adds up to EBC to provide f.e. tech. assembly instructions or overview of certain compatibility. Let's hope it works properly.

Jules @ amadvance • 25th March 2021 •

Why Amazon is selling its own Brands?

liam johnson • 3rd April 2021 •