Linnworks Buy on Google launch

Linnworks Buy on Google launch

Linnworks have announced an integration with Buy on Google, a checkout experience that allows shoppers to purchase products directly from retailers on Google.

Buy on Google is a commission-free sales channel, enabling brands to expand the reach of existing product lines and find new audiences for best-selling items and is available on Google’s Shopping Property, as well as through the Google Assistant.

For merchants

  • Buy on Google is a commission-free sales channel, offering a budget-friendly and low-risk opportunity to expand reach.
  • Retailers can customize the products they choose to sell on Google, whether testing as a new selling channel for struggling product lines or helping best selling items to reach new audiences.
  • Low barriers to conversion with convenient check out using payment information stored with Google.

For consumers

  • Check out on Google – Easily place an order on Google using saved Google Account information for payment.
  • Buy with confidence – Automatic protection with the Google Guarantee. If anything goes wrong, Google will make it right.
  • Arrange returns – Returns and refunds are easy to manage.

Everywhere US shoppers see the Buy on Google cart icon they can checkout using payment information stored with Google, without the need to visit another site. This reduces barriers to conversion and ensures that no matter where a shopper begins their ecommerce journey, retailers can offer a seamless experience.

By integrating Buy on Google with Linnworks, retailers can manage orders and inventory syncs alongside other key selling channels including their own websites and marketplaces. Having a single platform to monitor sales performance across all selling channels ensures Linnworks customers can maximise every revenue opportunity and automate critical aspects of inventory management, order routing, shipping and fulfillment.

“Brands need to provide effortless ecommerce experiences if they are to succeed in 2021. Linnworks is committed to helping our customers to achieve Total Commerce Control. Integrating with Buy on Google means our customers can reach US shoppers where they spend time online.”
– Jason Stuckey, General Manager, Linnworks

Key Linnworks Buy on Google Features

  • Inventory management – Syncs with your other selling channels
  • Order management – Use Linnworks to manage orders from Buy on Google alongside other channels
  • Location mapping – Connect specific fulfillment locations (Google to FBA, Google to warehouse 1)
  • Payment mapping – Track how your buyers pay for their orders
  • Shipping mapping – Assign postal service to Google orders (eg free shipping = UPS ground)
  • Price sync – Automatically sync price updates to Google
  • Tax – Opt in or out of tax settings provided by Google

If you would like to find out more, you can book a demo with Linnworks

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Any product URLs or examples to see how this works in practice

Shamir • 6th April 2021 •

Can anyone help us get setup with this. We sell to France and USA but are getting this error message when trying to register: "We're sorry, this product is not currently available in your region" Has anyone has any success with this yet?

Josh Herbert • 18th April 2021 •