2% fees for eBay personalised products and new personalisation tool

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If you sell eBay personalised products on the UK site then their is brilliant news out today. In news out of eBay HQ today, you will benefit from lower fees and new promotions until March 2022 to help you make the most of the growing demand for personalised gifts.

In 2020 eBay UK recorded over 600 searches a day for ‘personalised’ items, with personalised mugs and glasses some of the most sought after customised and engraved products, with searches up 111% and 113%.

eBay personalised products fees and new personalisation tool

To help enterprising sellers to make the most of this growing trend ahead of Father’s Day on 20 June, fees to sell personalised items will be cut to 2% until 31st March 2022 (an average saving of 85%) and a new personalisation tool will be added to the site, helping sellers to offer customisable options without the hassle of managing requests manually.

From adding a name or initial to an item, to printing an image on a product, eBay’s new tool and offers will make it easier and cheaper for sellers to support personalisation requests, while helping shoppers to add a personal touch to their purchases.

In a further boost to those wanting to join or expand their store on eBay to make the most of the trend, sellers will also be able to list an additional 250 personalised products at no additional cost.

One small business owner already jumping on the trend is Victoria Eagle, who runs her eBay store Pegs & Pearls, selling personalised invitations and cards for every occasion.

“The invitations and cards industry was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, as events came to a complete halt. But the new personalisation tool will really improve the order process for my customers, and the reduced fees are welcome news for smaller businesses like mine that are on the road to recovery. Now that there’s hope for weddings and celebrations to go ahead this summer, I’m seeing sales surge and a huge demand for personalised invitations to help people stay connected and celebrate those special moments after more than a year apart from loved ones.”
– Victoria Eagle, owner, Pegs & Pearls

“The demand for personalised and handmade gifts is booming as more and more shoppers want to put the personal touch on everything from jewellery and clothes to homeware and gadgets. That is why we’re making it easier for our sellers to jump on the growing demand, using technology and cutting seller fees to help shoppers put their unique spin on things.”
– Alex Hiatt, UK Senior Category Manager for Home & Garden, eBay

2% fees for eBay personalised products categories

NB Note that the following entire categories don’t receive lower fees, only eBay personalised products within these categories.

  • Celebrations & Occasions
  • Wedding Supplies
  • Art Prints
  • Art Posters
  • Home Decor
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Mens Fashion
  • Masks
  • Women’s fashion
  • Cookware, Dining & Bar
  • Make-Up
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Keyrings
  • Football Memorabilia
  • Kitchenalia
  • Christening & Gifts
  • Nursery Bedding
  • Nursery Decoration & Furniture
  • Baby Books
  • Baby
  • Golf
  • Office equipment & stationary
  • Cards
  • Crafts
  • Travel accessories
  • Kids clothes

5 Responses

  1. This is good news, however how do people address the issue with not being able to send certain details via the ebay messaging system? I remember seeinga lot of posts on the forums from sellers not being able to quote etc as ebay forbids some of the details they needed from being passed in messages?
    If they have addressed this, then this is a very good move for those sellers selling personalised stuff.

  2. I sell personalised products and for 5 years I have wished for this. Don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect compared to Amazon. For example if a product only fits 10 characters ebay allows customers to add 250 ( so I can see where this will lead ) even with the ability to write a message to potential buyers saying only provide 10 they simply do not read stuff on the listings. Secondly it still allows customers to proceed to buy even if they forget to type anything in. When the function is active it should prompt them if trying to click buy now but overall it’s a start after all.

  3. Been after this for a long long time and asking Ebay to do it. now it seams that they have been listening. Not looked at it yet and expect it not to be perfect but at least they are looking at it. Aslo not e that remorse returns for personalsied products have also been removed according to Ebay Business, so another piece of good news. 🙂

    Thank you Ebay and hopefully over time this will become a great tool.

  4. While it’s a step in the right direction, it’s only half-baked as usual. It’s not a patch on the Etsy or Amazon versions.

    No option to limit the number of characters the customer can put. So for example if you sell a beaded necklace with a name, you should be able to set the maximum number of letters that will physically fit. But no, there’s 250 characters for the customer to type whatever they want, which will result in people asking for more than what’s on offer.

    No option to charge extra for personalisation. On Etsy I sell things that can either be ‘blank’ or personalised, with price differences.

    No option to make the personalisation field compulsory before purchase, so we’ll still have the issue of buyers leaving it blank then going totally silent when you chase them up for the details they want.

    All it really is a glorified ‘add message to seller’ function.


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