Consumer seller eBay payments rolling out in the UK

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Consumer seller eBay payments is now rolling out in the UK and sellers will now need to update their payment details before a certain date to continue being able to list on eBay.

Consumer sellers who still need to update their payment details will have been emailed information about the process, with a link to click to get started. It is a simple process, but if they do not update their details, they will soon be unable to create and edit listings until they’ve done so.

For consumer seller eBay payments there are some benefits set out below but the main disadvantage will be that they will no longer have a PayPal balance from their sales proceeds on eBay. This has, for many, been what they considered as free money to spend on eBay as and when they want to treat themselves. Moving forward, sales proceeds will be lost in their bank account and so no longer necessarily respent on eBay.

On the plus side (something that eBay can’t really shout about) there will be no more double dipping on claims where a buyer has a punt at an eBay refund before moving to have a second punt with PayPal. eBay will now have full visibility of buyer history and be able to spot repeat dodgy refund offenders and if they block them once that will be that.

Consumer seller eBay payments benefits

eBay say that consumers will see key benefits from eBay payments and one major change will be that fees will be automatically deducted from sales proceeds so sellers will no longer receive invoices (unless they use enhanced features such as for instance an eBay Shop subscription).

  • Simpler Fees
  • eBay selling fees will be deducted automatically from sellers’ earnings before they get paid, and fees are immediately shown in transaction details and monthly statements. The remainder of seller earnings will go directly to their bank account. No more PayPal processing fees. No more separate monthly fee payments.

  • Convenient Payouts
  • Sellers will receive all payouts directly to their bank accounts. Sellers may also choose when to get paid: daily or weekly, as funds are available.

  • Seller Protections
  • Because earning seller trust is our priority, eBay only asks for the information we need to keep sellers safe and pay out their earnings. We have also simplified claim and seller protections to make the seller experience easier. Learn more on how we will use the information here and how we protect sellers’ personal information here.

  • Increased Buyer Choice
  • Apple Pay is available as a payment option on iPhone and iPad. Google Pay is also available on the eBay site and on the eBay Android App. Buyers can also choose locally relevant payment options like SEPA Direct Debit or Sofort EFT in Germany and Afterpay in Australia.

13 Responses

  1. This process actually began last year, so I would imagine quite a few consumer sellers will already be signed up for this. Looking back I can see that my private account went onto eBay payments on November 17th 2020.

  2. I have just signed over to this, had to by end of May. So did the deed. The first sale was for items heading the USA. The ebay fees went up from a similar sale two weeks before that using paypal. I am so glad ebay is looking after the sellers…….i always said it would not be to our advantage…….and for international sales it has not been so far.

  3. We have been on this system for over 6 months. As a seller the reports are not clear in terms of gross sales. Very concerning for a small buisiness.

  4. Any improvements cited are just spin. As a business seller who was on micropayments, I’m 20-40p worse off for every item I sell.

    I have a (genuinely) private selling ID and yes, my money sits in PayPal which I view as disposable income. Now I’ll be forced to pay it into my bank account, which as you say Chris, it will just get absorbed into my general funds.

    If I have to pay by card for something, I’ll just go to Amazon instead of eBay. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  5. I just recently moved over and took a look at the fees structure specifically for a sale to a US buyer.
    The sale was for £54 which included local US tax of £5.02
    I am charged 12.8% final fee plus 2.16% international fee on THE WHOLE LOT , including the local tax that eBay is collecting.
    It cost me almost 75p for eBay to collect US tax.
    Not pleased at all.

  6. eBay fees now at approx 25% (if you use any decent level of promotions) absolutely ridiculous

  7. We sell many vintage items to US and Australia. We have tried to work out the complicated fee structure on eBay but the invoices are unclear. Even without the farcical promoted listings, eBay seem to be taking more and more fees. For instance, why are sellers charged final value fees on local tax collected in other countries? Surely this can’t be right?

  8. It is the delay that is so annoying and eBay have no answer other than to milk your fundsand make more money. PayPal paid in minutes and your cash flow was instant- not so now as it takes at least a week to get paid. Incompetent or what? The worse thing is they believe they provide a service better than PayPal ?

  9. Breaking news, paypal is not an option.

    Whether they were unable to take part in the process to find a new card processor or unwilling, they announced years ago that they were going to do ebay’s processing for 5 years. That time is up.

    Now, out of all the card processing companies that are not paypal, which should ebay have chosen?

    Far as I know only paypal does advance payment as standard, no one else appears to follow their exact model. Instead perhaps waiting for payment to be made by the buyer.

  10. How do I pay for my postage eBay has the funds held with adyen (I cant access this) I sell or sold an item my buyer has paid for the item including the postage fee but I have to still use paypal funds to pay for postage is this Normal ? Can I use the funds my buyer has paid to pay for postage to send the item to them or do I have to wait 2+ days to get funds into my bank account the pay for postage once paypal has expired theres nothing left to pay from! (bank account funds empty)

  11. Arfur, you have to wait to send until you have money – if needing money to be paid into bank before sending them internet selling is not a great idea for you. Car boot or other immediate sale place would suit better.

    That isn’t an ebay issue, that is an internet selling issue. Item gets damaged, item goes missing in the post – buyer gets a full refund whether you can afford it or not.

  12. As a buyer, i will no longer appreciate the service of ebay, if i cannot pay using my paypal. When there was any issue, i felt very confident in filing a complaint with paypal and the issue was sorted out. Byby Ebay. I have been a consumer for over 20 years, now, time to stick with Amazon now. Best of luck!


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