Google and Shopify announce new partnership

Shopify and Google announce new partnership

During their I/O Developer event last week Google announced their new partnership with Shopify which will allow the 1.7 million merchants using the platform more opportunities to reach consumers through Google’s tools.

“To help more merchants get discovered, it’s important that we support like-minded partners who share in Google’s mission to democratize e-commerce. That’s why today at Google I/O, we announced that we’re expanding our partnership with Shopify, introducing a new, simplified process that will let Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants feature their products across Google in just a few clicks. This new collaboration with Shopify will enable merchants to become discoverable to high-intent consumers across Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Google Images and more.”

The easy to access integration will let Shopify merchants get their products in front of a range of shoppers right when they’re looking for them. The pitch detailed a “Shopping Graph” which will grab information from multiple outlets and this will help inform consumers during their shopping journeys. The Shopping Graph will span across Google’s platforms including Google search and YouTube, meaning that when you see a photo of a product in Google Photos you will see a suggestion to use Google Lens to find the item for sale, making the online shopping experience even better for buyers and sellers.

“We know it’s easy to get inspired just by strolling your neighborhood, browsing a magazine or taking note of something online. That’s why we’re building new, more integrated shopping experiences to meet you where you already are. For instance, one of the most popular ways people take note of things they like is by taking a screenshot — but it’s not always easy to take action on those screenshots afterward. Now, when you view any screenshot in Google Photos, there will be a suggestion to search the photo with Lens, allowing you to see search results that can help you find that pair of shoes or wallpaper pattern that caught your eye.”

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This is Great News in 2021! John Director - MobiLights

Saji John • 26th May 2021 •