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Channable CEO, Rob van NuenenWith ever more marketplaces, comparison websites, or other marketing channels to sell online, Channable bill themselves as the the ultimate feed management & PPC tool. One place to manage your product feeds to selling platforms freeing you up to concentrate on running your business with a platform to handle the processes for you.

We wanted to find out more, so spoke to Channable CEO, Rob van Nuenen, to find out more:

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Rob van Nuenen and I am the proud co-founder and CEO of Channable. My background is in economics and information science and throughout my studies, I worked in a number of part-time jobs. The main ones being creating websites as a freelancer and managing IT within a clothing company. Then after I graduated, my co-founders and I started our first company which acted as the foundations for Channable.

What do you see next for ecommerce?

We’ve seen enormous growth in ecommerce in recent years, with a huge peak during the recent pandemic. Whereas the last generation of offline retailers was moving to a mix of offline and online before, we now see many new businesses launching their online stores first with the idea that they can then immediately do business in niche areas. By keeping their costs low and selling on a larger scale – worldwide instead of regional – ecommerce usually has a competitive advantage. Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay made it easier to immediately sell to a big target audience without having to invest a lot of money in branding or advertising.

Why should business owners look to automation?

Automation of processes is, in my opinion, the backbone of your ecommerce business. In each of the processes, you have many specialised tools for ecommerce platforms that help minimize the time and money that business owners spend on repetitive or manual tasks. You can think about processes around order handling, shipping, payments, marketing, etcetera; the list goes on!

Why did you start Channable?

With our former business, we scraped data from existing websites and online stores to build a mobile-friendly version of their website without rebuilding their entire website. When we received many requests to use the information we scraped for marketing purposes, we knew that this was a great opportunity to move towards a product-based (SaaS) business. We grabbed it with both hands and launched our first version within three months. From day one, our aim was to offer simple technical solutions to complex marketing problems.

What does Channable do for retail businesses?

We offer many out-of-the-box connectivity solutions with all kinds of platforms such as marketplaces, comparison websites, or other marketing channels. With just a few clicks you can push your products or services, or a selection of them, to any of these platforms. With simple business rules, you can optimize the information you send to each platform, ensuring better visibility and eventually ROI.

Tell us about some of your customers

Of course. We are still proud of our launching customer Vodafone (who is still our customer). But also renowned companies like TUI, Rituals, Norwegian,, Decathlon, and Toolstation. As well as marketing agencies including DEPT, Artefact, Williams Commerce, Clickboost, and iProspect.

Where do you see Channable in the future?

We will keep doing what we do best: automation in marketing processes by adding more channels, and more insights for business owners and marketers to do a better job. We really believe in empowering them by letting Channable do the work, and making sure that every automation is transparent.

What should I do if I’m interested?

If you’re interested in Channable, you should create your own free account with an unlimited trial, or request a demo with our experts. More information can be found on our website:

4 Responses

  1. We are a small buisiness looking for ways to grow. Im certainly going to take a look at Channable to see if it can help our buisiness.

  2. I have looked at a few integration companies to link, ebay, amazon and shopify store together to manage inventory better. Not cheap to set up as had quotes of close to £2000 to get all set up then about £150 a month to run.

    What do other sellers use and recommended? And what kind of costs did you pay and currently pay?

  3. “What do other sellers use and recommended? And what kind of costs did you pay and currently pay?”

    That sounds about right. Although depending on the level of set up, you could trim down the £2000 implementation costs if you shop around and/or have different requirements.

    There is a list of providers here:

    The best part about a MC provider is that the software does the work of at least one full time staff member and they don’t need holiday pay, sick pay, etc!

    It is an investment, but the time saved and the ability to scale is worth the cost IMHO.

    FWIW when we signed up to our SaaS the sales person told us that most clients move to MC software when they hit around 100 sales orders per day across two or more channels and need accurate stock quantity management and bulk order fulfilment. I would ask potential providers to give you a list of their existing clients in your categories i.e. if you sell electronics then an expert provider in fashion but not be the best investment.

  4. Hello Alison and Rob,

    Thank you for your interest in Channable,
    If you have any questions and or would like to know more about Channable.

    You can reach me here [email protected]

    Kind regards.


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