Tamebay Live Platform Sneak Peak #9

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Tamebay Live RegistrationWith only a few days until Tamebay Live starts this coming Monday, we thought you’d like to see a sneak peak behind the scenes on what you can expect. Of course, to get access to Tamebay Live you must register so sign up here now! Those that have already registered will soon be receiving their personal sign in where they can start personalising their event.

I have to say we’re pretty proud of the Tamebay Live platform as there are a ton of features to make this as much like an in-person event as possible. Here are just a few of the features you’ll find once you log into the event on Monday morning:

Main Stages

So first up – there will be two main stages where presentations will take place which you can see in the image above. Top thing to notice is the ‘Ask a question’ tab just below the stage – Every presenter will be making time to answer your questions at the end of their presentation and although if there are too many we can’t promise they’ll all be answered live, you’ll be able to catch presenters at their showcases or in the networking areas.

Tamebay Live Platform AgendaAgenda

You’ll notice a tab to the left hand side of the Tamebay Live platform, click that and the Agenda will pop out. This is the easiest way to find out what’s going on and for each session in the agenda you’ll find a + add to calendar link so you can build your own personal event.

You can access your ‘My Event’ from the top menu at any time. Your ‘My Event’ will also hold any meetings you set with speakers or colleagues attending Tamebay Live. This will be your main reference to make sure you don’t miss out on any sessions you particularly want to attend.

PeopleTamebay Live Speakers

Everyone attending Tamebay Live will have a contact card so if you want to speak to a speaker, sponsor, organiser, or colleagues within the industry, you can request to add them to your contacts or request a meeting.

You’ll find tabs for Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees in the main menu and it’s searchable so you can easily find anyone you’re looking for. If your friends and colleagues are logged in you’ll be able to make contact and catch up.

Meetings have full blown video conferencing built into the Tamebay Live platform, so although you can’t sit down together for a coffee you can video chat.

Networking on the Tamebay Live platformNetworking on the Tamebay Live platform

Sometimes you might want to meet up with a group of friends at a conference and we’ve got this covered at Tamebay Live. In ‘The Hub’, there are coffee tables were you can sit down and video chat with multiple people and, there’s also the organisers table and a networking table which can handle larger groups.

If your friends within the industry haven’t signed up yet, send them a link to tamebaylive.com and get ready to sit down in the coffee breaks for a good natter. If you’re hyper organised, the Tamebay Live platform will be open for an hour or so after the presentations so get a cold beer in the fridge and come join me in the networking area at the end of each day.

Tamebay Live ShowcasesContacting speakers and sponsors

Many of the biggest and best industry partners are taking part in Tamebay Live and the all have their own showcase on the Tamebay Live platform. Take some time to wander the virtual expo part of the platform and you’ll find a ton of partners who may be able to assist you with various aspects of your business.

Tamebay Live RegistrationYou’ll find contacts for many of the speakers in their Showcase, be able to access resources to download and watch, and if you want to talk to someone you can either click on a contact and request a meeting or click the “Please get in contact with me” button to add yourself to the guest book and they’ll get in touch with you.



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