Watch eBay at Tamebay Live – eBay Ads, Promoted Listings, Coded Coupons

Watch on Demand eBay at Tamebay Live - eBay Ads, Promoted Listings, Coded Coupons

You can now watch eBay at Tamebay Live On Demand and learn the very latest on eBay Ads, Promoted Listings and Coded Coupons.

Everyone will find these sessions useful whether you’re new to eBay or have been trading on the marketplace for decades so hop over to Tamebay Live to watch on demand now. In all three of these sessions, attendees at Tamebay Live submitted questions which were put live to the speakers so if you have questions there’s a good chance someone in the live audience asked it and you’ll find the answer at the end of the presentation recordings.

eBay at Tamebay Live

eBay Ads

eBay Ads is something that most eBay sellers don’t notice but it’s worth considering as a way to engage with the eBay audience in a different way. For Brands who want to target different segments, especially with the cookie becoming less useful, it gives a way to put your products and services directly in front of those who want to buy from you. With eBay Ads you have the ability to target active uses that eBay knows a ton about – eBay have their purchasing history of both what they buy and their purchase frequency as well as location and a ton of other information about their buyers. Watch this session with eBay’s Harmony Murphy, GM Advertising UK, and Sylvie Walker, Brand Partnerships Manager, to find out more.

eBay Promoted Listings

If you want to know how to stand out from the crowd with eBay Promoted Listings then eBay’s Mark Granshaw, UK Promoted Listings Product Marketing Manager, and Ellen Mikals, Senior Product Activation Manager, have the knowledge you need. Watch this indepth discussion of how to make eBay Promoted Listings work for you business and the latest features such as automated campaigns.

eBay Coded Coupons

Coded Coupons are a new feature to eBay and there are a ton of useful ways that you can use them. Drive traffic to your new listings to build sales history or create a coupon for a buyer rather than giving them a partial refund or to give a discount to close a specific sales. eBay’s Berengere Chaintreau-Fuchs, Global Product Marketing and Head of UK & Seller Promo Tools sets out the new Coded Coupons proposition.

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