eBay’s Refurb Registry helps strained lockdown relationships

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Thinking about getting relationship therapy? Why do that when you can buy stuff at eBay’s first-of-its-kind Refurb Registry. This new program offers some relationship refurb – equipping couples with the things they need to get back on track. Couples can register for must-have Certified Refurbished products, then share their registries with their most supportive family and friends.

Designed to smooth over the bumps that resulted from WFH-ing, homeschooling, home-gyming and socially-distanced sleeping, Refurb Registry helps couples adjust to life in a reopening world with relationships that are better than new.

“eBay is breaking down the stigmas and preconceived ideas of what we’re supposed to want, acknowledging that things like noise-canceling headphones might bring more joy to some relationships than gifts like china found on more traditional registries. No relationship is a guaranteed success, but eBay guarantees each Certified Refurbished product with a two-year warranty.”
– Sarah Sternau, General Manager, Certified Refurbished for eBay

A recent survey from eBay showed that nearly half of all married people wish they could redo their wedding registry, and one-third said they would add more kitchen gadgets and appliances to the list. With Refurb Registry, couples can discover premium products that solve everyday annoyances – from a countertop pressure cooker so you squabble less over dinner duty to a robot vacuum that cleans without being asked. And, every couple who creates a Registry can enter for the chance to have all the items “gifted” to them by eBay.

The State of Pandemic Relationships

While no two relationships endure the same woes, eBay’s survey revealed relatable day-to-day trends. Unequal contributions toward maintaining the home were top issues over the last year.

  • Almost 20% of married people admitted that one person in the relationship doesn’t contribute enough to cooking or meal preparation.
  • Nearly three in five millennials in relationships said that one person being too messy was an issue.

But it’s not all bad news as 81% of millennials indicated they would rather work on their relationships than cut ties, and have a greater appreciation for their spouse after spending more time with them. Now, with their registries, couples can tackle the small things before they become big things.

Couples are invited to visit eBayRefurbRegistry.com, answer a short quiz about the current state of their relationship, and have a personalized list of like-new Certified Refurbished products recommended to them.

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