UK consumers buy from businesses that give back to society

UK consumers buy from businesses that give back

A new report from eBay has revealed how consumers’ shopping habits have changed. One piece of data shows that the majority of UK shoppers believe it’s more important to buy from businesses that give back to society now, than before the pandemic.

The “Shop for Change” report shows that as the pandemic exacerbated and created new social, economical and physical challenges throughout the UK, consumers believe that helping disadvantaged communities must be prioritised and two thirds of UK adults believe that businesses have an important role to play in tackling societal and environmental issues – the most pressing of which include homelessness (40%), unemployment (36%) and child education (27%).

The findings also reveal that consumers are doing their research before making purchasing decisions, showing how vital it is for sellers to focus on what customers are looking for from their business and highlight how they are achieving it. Parents in particular, are spearheading these efforts, as 9 in 10 (92%) say that since having a child they want to spend their money with businesses who give back to society with a majority doing so in the hope of building a better future for the next generation.

eBay for Change hub

Coinciding with the report, eBay are announcing the launch of a dedicated new hub on their marketplace, designed to make shopping from small businesses that give back to local communities, more accessible.

The ‘eBay for Change’ hub connects over 29 million eBay shoppers with up to 50 small businesses at launch, with plans to scale, that each have a clear social mission. Shoppers will be able to access a broad range of products from clothes to homeware, and jewellery to collectables.

Every purchase made will have a direct, positive impact on supporting disadvantaged communities – whether that’s providing job or training opportunities, or tackling social problems like homelessness, exclusion, improving people’s life chances, or supporting environmental action.

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