Watch Clarkson’s Farm on Prime Video or watch the Euros?

Watch Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime if you hate football

Apparently there are some football games starting today, so for those that don’t enjoy watching a leather ball kicked about for 90 minutes we have an alternative suggestion for your viewing pleasure. Today, Clarkson’s Farm airs on Prime Video with eight 40 minute episodes available for your viewing pleasure.

Euro 2020

Before we totally abandon football, expect dual screening to go through the roof. If any or all of the four home nations make it very far, and they are all playing in the group stages for a change, shopping habits will change. You can also expect some unexpected lulls followed by intense catch up shopping activity as soon as the games end.

If you want to see the final at Wembley in person, don’t forget that our chums at WorldFirst have a competition running to win finals tickets. You’ve left it too late to enter the first prize draw which takes place today, but they’ve more pairs of tickets to give away with a 2nd prize draw on the 23rd of June along with a bonus prize draw taking place the same day. You can enter here.

Clarkson’s Farm

Enough of football, back to Clarkson’s Farm and what you can expect. Jeremy Clarkson has swapped fast cars for tractors, put on his wellies, and has been getting well and truly stuck in to running his own farm. An intense, arduous and frequently hilarious year in the life of Britain’s most unlikely farmer, Jeremy Clarkson.

Join Jeremy and his rag-tag band of agricultural associates as they face-up to a backdrop of unhelpful weather, disobedient animals, unresponsive crops and an unexpected pandemic. This is Jeremy Clarkson as you’ve never seen him before.

As you’d expect, Jeremy tries to run his farm with the same approach as he has to driving cars so here’s a taste of what’s to come in the video below (I particularly enjoyed the part where it looks like a sheep kicks his crown jewels!

You can watch the entire season, at any time of day or night of your choosing, including while the football is on, but you’ll need an Amazon Prime account to access it for free. Not a bad time for Amazon to release Clarkson’s Farm and it’s probably not coincidental that it’s just 10 days before Prime Day when Amazon want as many people as possible to become Prime Subscribers.

Spend a tenner, get a tenner free

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