5 ways to avoid the Christmas Cashflow Crunch

Start Date:
Tuesday 14th September 2021 - 11:00 am
End Date:
Tuesday 14th September 2021 - 12:00 pm

Christmas is coming and your finance arrangements are almost certainly where you’re leaving the most money on the table right now.

Smart ecommerce operators realise that spending a couple of hours ensuring that they have appropriate and affordable finance will save them a lot more cash than any amount of negotiating, discounts with suppliers, shipping or fulfillment agents.

The correct finance means:

  • Being able to buy stocks in larger quantities
  • Being in the driving seat with suppliers
  • Saving money, improving cash flow and significantly increasing margins
  • Reduced stress, allowing focus to remain on growing the business rather than conserving cash

This webinar hosted by Rangewell, the Ecommerce finance specialists, cuts straight to the point and will go through real life case studies of:

  • How to “sense check” your current finance arrangements – 10 questions to ask your current lender to get a better deal
  • How to accurately compare “interest rates” and charges between different lenders – DO NOT trust the headline rates, each lender calculates their charges in different ways
  • New finance lenders who are entering the market and are looking to grow market share
  • How to gear up your funding for the pre Christmas period – quickly, efficiently and cheaply
  • How to increase your finance limits OR get finance for the first time and the things to be doing right now to get the cheapest rates and the most finance

REMEMBER – You can spend days negotiating a further 3% discount from your suppliers or you can spend 40 minutes making sure you have the right finance – potentially saving you £10,000’s each month.

Every webinar attendee will receive a free step by step download on how to apply for finance and a detailed checklist of all tips and Case Studies from the webinar as well as a 30 minute free consultation with an Ecommerce Finance Expert.

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