E-Signatures and when a marketplace seller might use them

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E-Signatures are something that many have turned to as a convenient way to sign documents remotely and today jSign discusses their use for marketplace sellers:

Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature or e-signature is a legal way in which you can give your consent or approval in electronic forms or documents. In a virtual setting and in any process, an e-signature can replace a handwritten signature. They’re widely used today for several reasons. Most often than not, these reasons are more of a professional nature, usually between colleagues and within organizations.

Perhaps you’ve heard a thing or two about e-signatures and how they work for maybe business owners, freelancers, and virtual employees. However, you probably didn’t know electronic signatures can also be used by marketplace sellers such as eBay and Amazon. Surprised? Well, there are actually several ways that you could utilise e-signatures for your online business.

For Items that are quite expensive

The process of online buying and selling is outright simple—your customers order something, pay for it, and have the item delivered to their given address. Basically, that’s all there’s to it, right? That’s if you’re usually selling things that are priced considerably. Most online shopping sites and sellers offer items you already have an idea of when it comes to pricing. However, if you’re selling something quite expensive, this is one instance where you can make use of an electronic signature.

It’s because when dealing extravagant items, it’s essential to verify customers awareness of the price and they agree to pay for it as described. This is to avoid confusion particularly when they’ve already been charged for the. To make it more official after confirming their Amazon or eBay order, you can send an email from an electronic signature provider like jSign to ask for the customer’s e-signature. They just need to read the email and follow the instructions as provided and they’ll be good to go.

For age-required products

Another instance that would prompt the need for an e-signature from your end is when you’re selling products that are only allowed for adults, usually at least 18 years old. Even when you’re operating online, you still need to make sure the transactions are done legally and as required by your governing state or country.

Some of these items are adult toys and also products for vaping. Marketplace sellers are legally required to ask their customers first if they’re of the right age before making a sale. If they’re indeed of legal age, there shouldn’t be any problem and they can go ahead and easily sign the document as needed.

For purchase confirmation and general acceptance purposes

It’s better for marketplace sellers and online retailers to be on a safer side and ask for e-signatures if you want to confirm the purchase or as a sign of acceptance on the customer’s part. That way, both you and your buyer will be assured that the order will push through. If you think about it, it’s an advantage for you as a seller as it shows your professionalism and can further build your buyer’s trust and confidence.

Purchase confirmations usually would just contain information about the orders and buyers will be asked to return the document along with their signature as proof they don’t have any intention of cancelling the order. General acceptance is also similar to purchase confirmation so if you send any of those two asking for an e-signature, that should be fine. The buyer can go ahead and sign the form to confirm the purchase and they’re good to go.

For products that are sold legally in certain countries

Aside from age-appropriate products, there are also other kinds of products that’ll need an e-signature form before the purchase is completed. These products are items that can only be purchased in countries or cities where they’re legally allowed. An example of such products would be medical marijuana which you can only sell for medical purposes and in specified countries such as:

    E-Signatures and when a marketplace seller might use them

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Norway

As you can see, several countries are already allowing legal purchases of medical marijuana. If you’re someone selling online from either a mobile app or a marketplace platform, you can send an electronic form asking for the buyer’s signature just to confirm that they’re from a country that allows such kinds of products.


Thanks to the advent of technology, nowadays buyers and sellers no longer have to meet personally just to make a purchase. New innovations such as the use of e-signatures should be utilized for the benefit of both you as a seller and your customers. Doing so, will make the process of selling and buying more secure and also informs your buyers regarding the specificity of the purchase. As a result, unnecessary confusion could be avoided and at the end of each transaction, both parties stay satisfied.

One Response

  1. Purchase confirmations usually would just contain information about the orders and buyers will be asked to return the document along with their signature as proof they don’t have any intention of cancelling the order.’
    Makes absolutely zero difference with most things, as they are covered by the 14 days cooling off period for things bought online. I know there are a few exceptions, but generally people have a legal right to cancel to or return within 14 dys anything they have bought online under the distance selling regs.
    I can see several areas where an E signiture is good, especially for very high price items. I have used them myself, however with market places they are very limited, often because the market place expects you to dispatch within the time frame you stipulated, this is often pushed to be a fast as possible. All to often I have found that when i have messaged extra info or asked to clarify something before dispatch i have not had a reply. It is like the buyer has done their bit and simply never thinks to check for messages for several days, ( oh the joys of inr cases where you have messaged them the same day as their order to say address is missing an important part or they didn’t stipulate which option etc…. yet they still haven’t seen it when logging in and gone straight to open a case!!!)


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