eBay for Change video diaries: Personal Alarm Watch

eBay for Change video diaries - Personal Alarm Watch

Our latest next eBay for Change video diary features Adi Kasliwal, co-founder of social enterprise, Personal Alarm Watch. Adi is part of the ecommerce social entrepreneur start-up side of the programme where eBay have partnered with UnLtd.

Personal Alarm Watch is a discreet, easy to use smartwatch for older people which enables the wearer to get help from a 24/7 monitoring team at the touch of a button. The watch not only has an impact on the individual wearer, helping them to be more independent and confident, but also on their families, who can rest assured that their loved ones have support in case of emergency.

Anyone that has an elderly family member will appreciate this service. Yes, there is that red button service which the user wears on a lanyard around their neck, but it’s less respectful than a discrete watch and yet with the Personal Alarm Watch your loved one can be connected to an experienced 24/7 monitoring team at the push of a button. Speak directly through the watch. They send help.

The Personal Alarm Watch works straight out of the box and is completely standalone – no landlines or smartphone apps needed. Pop it on your wrist and then to call for help, simply hold down the SOS button for 3 seconds. You will hear the watch say ‘SOS call initiated’ and then you will be connected to the 24/7 monitoring team. You can then speak to them through the watch. Family and friends can be listed as emergency contacts to be contacted by the monitoring if needed.

Personal Alarm Watch is part of the start-up side side programme, you can watch previous video diaries here. You can browse and purchase many items from eBay for Change businesses on the eBay for Change hub.

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