Harness the power of GS1 standards for retail success

Harness the power of GS1 standards for retail success

For all businesses, both large and small, one of the first steps to trading, both online and offline, is to assign unique identification numbers to your products in the form of Global Trade Item Number (or GTIN for short), supported by global GS1 standards.

GTINs allow you to unlock all relevant product information to your items, allowing you to successfully list and sell your product, barcode your stock, leverage search engines, manage inventory and even monitor customer satisfaction.

In this ebook titled ‘Harness the power of GS1 standards for retail success’, written in partnership with GS1 UK, you will discover:

  • What is a GTIN?
  • How the GTIN can help you streamline & grow your business
  • Why do you need a GTIN for ecommerce?
  • How to use GTINs for ecommerce
  • Why do you need a GTIN in the physical world?
  • How to assign GTINs and barcodes to your products
  • Getting your GTINs from GS1 UK

GS1 UK is one of the 115 independent GS1 organisations that license and manage the global system of GTINs. They support local businesses through the implementation of global GS1 standards, to help transform their businesses and leverage supply chains.

In this ebook, you will also find a case study of Novello, founded by two sisters, Georgie and Sophie, who spotted an opportunity to “add a touch of fun to everyday coffee and tea drinking”. You’ll learn how they added more sales channels including their own Shopify website, as well as a presence on Etsy, Yumbles and, most recently, Amazon and why GTINs were essential to their expansion including on Google Shopping.

Download your free copy of the Harness the power of GS1 standards for retail success eBook today.

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