IOSS number submission now easier with Royal Mail

IOSS number submission now easier with Royal Mail

Good news for those that use Royal Mail, they’ve made it possible to enter an order by order IOSS number rather than IOSS number submission at account level.

“If you import orders by spreadsheet, including Click & Drop Desktop, we have added a new IOSS number field which you can map, which will assign IOSS numbers to specific orders”
– Royal Mail

If you sell through a marketplace, they are likely to have registered for IOSS. If so, you just need to assign their IOSS number in the pre-advice to Royal Mail for the items sold through the marketplace.

Marketplace sellers who sell via eBay, Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet can also continue to visit their local Post Office in the normal way. Those customers should declare which of these marketplaces their items were sold on, when presenting them at the Post Office counter, and the Post Office branch will capture this information. The correct marketplace IOSS number will then be allocated to your item by Royal Mail. If you are selling goods on other marketplace places you can use the Royal Mail Click & Drop service – where you will find instructions how to do this.

For orders on marketplaces over €150 or orders on your own website, you will be responsible for EU VAT and need your own IOSS number. You then need the correct IOSS number submission for each item in the pre-advice you give to Royal Mail.

NB Where you have not integrated the marketplace with your Click & Drop account or you’re using a marketplace Royal Mail don’t support via Click & Drop integration, you can set up separate trading names, one for each marketplace you use and then enter the appropriate IOSS number for each marketplace. You must then remember to raise orders against the right trading name account so that the right IOSS number submission flows through with the item.

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