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Wiljo Krechting - Shopware 6 as a Cloud SolutionFor a retailer faced with the decision for an ecommerce software, it is crucial to consider not only what the system can do today, but also how customisable it is to future requirements. This is where Shopware Cloud comes into play. It offers retailers an ecommerce solution that can be adapted to the individual company’s development based on a flexible pricing model – from the first steps to a fully grown online business.

Wiljo Krechting of Shopware told us how Shopware Cloud can help you to easily implement your own online store:

Tell us about Shopware?

As a trendsetting open source software, Shopware is a leading ecommerce system which enables retailers to create outstanding shopping experiences and, in this way, to realise their growth potential – quickly and easily. Today, our ecommerce solutions are used by more than 100,000 customers from the B2B and B2C segment. Among them are some of Europe´s leading brands from various business areas.
Shopware relies on a worldwide community and has a global network of over 1,200 sales, technology, and solution partners. With over 250 employees, we work remotely or locally from our headquarters in Schöppingen, Germany. With its daily efforts, our team follows a common goal: To realise flexible, forward-looking, and growth-generating ecommerce software for our customers.

We’ve heard Shopware 6 is now available as a cloud edition – what does that change?

In creating Shopware 6, we wanted to offer a sustainable solution that could stand the test of time – which is why standards-based technologies play a major role as the technological basis of it. But what does the cloud changes? Of course, the advantages of Shopware 6 remain. Beyond that, due to the pre-packaged cloud solution everything becomes even easier for our customers. Best of all, with the free version of Shopware Cloud our retailers can launch their online shop completely free of charge and only pay a small revenue share when they generate sales. Additionally, upgrading or cancelling is possible monthly. The cloud is therefore highly customisable to the user’s needs and enables a risk-free entry into online business. This ‘easiest way to online business’, as we call it, especially supports new market players such as entrepreneurs and start-ups and makes the advantages of Shopware 6 more accessible to new market participants with innovative ideas.

How can retailers benefit from Shopware by using the cloud?

By using Shopware 6 as cloud edition retailers can easily follow the entire growth path with just one technology. Based on our key principle ‘Your freedom to grow’ we developed Shopware Cloud as the next logical step on the path of taking the benefits of headless commerce and following the API-first approach. Thus, we make it possible for retailers to implement projects even faster and more cost-effectively.

Thereby, they do not only profit from the endless possibilities of Shopware 6. On top of that, there is the great advantage that retailers can switch between the versions according to their individual needs and at their own speed. Shopware Cloud is available and adaptable from the Starter Edition to the Professional Edition. Hence, the online shop system continues to evolve with the personal growth of our customers. In this way problems such as migration difficulties in the growth phase should no longer arise, as shop owners can use the shop system from the first steps through all stages of their company’s development.

What are the initial steps if I decide to use Shopware Cloud?

The procedure is very simple. Only a few basic settings are required: After entering the ideal domain for your online shop, you can create products and categories, select a store template, and choose the optimal sales channels which would be best for reaching your customers. Then you are ready to go. Of course, additional functions are needed for further growth. For that, Shopware offers many integrated marketing features, for example SEO attributes like rich snippets, breadcrumbs, and meta and canonical tags. You can prepare your store perfectly for organic search and make it visible. Everything is there to launch a successful online store – it takes just a few clicks and no experience in design or programming is needed.

What are some of the key features of Shopware Cloud?

Shopware Cloud offers numerous features that you may already know from our ecommerce solutions: From modern payment and shipping tools, over a functional drag & drop editor to responsive and stylish themes – the basis for an intuitive start into online business is given. Besides, we developed a new app system that is optimised for Shopware Cloud. In this way we can bring the Shopware ecosystem as well as the ideas and solutions of our community into the cloud. With this gradually expansion it will be possible to provide the full range of functions which is another example of the basic idea of headless commerce. Finally, Shopware Cloud is a seamless business-in-the-box solution with powerful interfaces which prevents that retailers must deal with the configuration of third-party systems.

How can I find further information?

On you will find a lot of information about our ecommerce solution. Here, you can learn more about how Shopware Cloud gives you the freedom to grow without any risks. We would also be very happy to talk to you personally about your online business. Feel free to contact us.

Case Study: Fleurbelle relies on Shopware Cloud

Based on their creativity and their interest in digital business models, the company Fleurbelle started their online business part-time focusing on the interior trend of dried flowers. Thus, flexibility and adaptability play a major role for the project. Shopware offered the right solution to realise the retailer’s online presence and is now looking forward to the further development of one of the first Shopware Cloud projects.

Founded in 2020, Fleurbelle sells dried flowers, decorations and offers complete as well as DIY wreaths made from natural products. Since the start of their business and with increasing requests, the founders, Barbara and Lukas, are expanding their product range with a focus on further customer needs.

After testing various shop systems in the initial phase of their business in 2020, Fleurbelle finally decided to launch their online shop with Shopware Cloud as the software basis. Crucial factors were, among others, the flexible pricing, the possibility to create a good usability for their customers in the frontend as well as the flexible, intuitive, and time-saving operation of the backend.


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