Top 10 Marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms answered

Top 10 Marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms answered

In our webinar today with Rick Verma, who leads Avalara’s marketplace business & team in EMEA, we got your top 10 Marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms answered.

We know many merchants have simply paused selling to the EU at the moment. The good news is that the EU VAT reforms can actually assist and make your life easier, so we started the webinar cutting through the complexities in simple language. Rick explained everything you need to know to take advantage of the new EU VAT rules including:

  • What does it all mean? EU VAT rules explained
  • The new opportunities and benefits of VAT simplification
  • Deemed suppliers and the new VAT responsibilities for marketplaces

Top 10 Marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms

  1. What do we need to worry about?
  2. What is the difference between IOSS & OSS?
  3. Can we be the importer of record for all transactions?
  4. What is the service that Avalara provides for new EU regs?
  5. Why does this have to fall on marketplaces?
  6. Do the new rules apply to all marketplaces?
  7. How can we account for transactions that we are responsible for?
  8. How does the IOSS/OSS work?
  9. Does it matter where I register for IOSS?
  10. How complicated is it to get compliant?

You can watch the webinar below or on TamebayTV.

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Does it answer the question, I'm not VAT registered, how does this affect me?

Ian • 28th July 2021 •

Yes... The EU don't care if you're VAT registered or not and if you sell to an EU customer marketplaces will be obliged to collect VAT on the sale. If you sell over €10k to the EU then you have to VAT register.

Chris Dawson • 28th July 2021 •