Webinar: Top 10 marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms

Top 10 marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms

Sign up for our webinar this Tuesday in which we’ll be answering your 10 marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms.

This is important as we hear many have simply stopped selling to the EU since the start of July when the EU VAT reforms came into effect. Indeed, many stopped selling in January when Brexit changes kicked in. However, if you can get to grips with the reforms, there is much good news – for instance instead of registering for VAT in anything up to 7 or more EU countries you can now sell to the EU with a single VAT registration.

In the webinar, we’ll be joined by the highly knowledgeable Rick Verma of Avalara, to cut through the complexity and explain everything you need to know to take advantage of the new EU VAT rules and answer the top 10 marketplace questions we’ve seen regarding the changes. We will be covering:

  • What does it all mean? EU VAT rules explained
  • The new opportunities and benefits of VAT simplification
  • Deemed suppliers and the new VAT responsibilities for marketplaces
  • The answers to thetop 10 marketplace questions on EU VAT reforms

Our guest, Rick Verma, leads Avalara’s marketplace business & team in EMEA. He is responsible for supporting global marketplaces with tax automation solutions and compliance requirements solving crucial tax pain points & barriers to growth faced by marketplaces. Rick has spent the last 10 years in the management consulting, tax and technology space helping businesses of all sizes with their international tax obligations.

Register now to reserve your place. The webinar takes place this Tuesday at 2pm. If you can’t make it at 2pm then register to receive a link to the replay shortly after the webinar ends.

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Understanding the rules surprisingly isn't the hardest thing. Finding a courier that understands the rules and can deliver accordingly seems to be the problem. Nightmare with DPD since the IOSS launched, they are double charging correctly declared IOSS shipments left right and center. Everything sent to Spain got returned. Lost the buy box on Amazon ES becuase of it.

Andrew • 26th July 2021 •