“Alexa, save my life!”

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Alexa has been providing a helping hand and refusing marriage proposals for 8 years now, but did you know the virtual assistant is also saving lives?

“Alexa quite literally saved my life… I honestly do not know what would have happened if I didn’t have Alexa!”
– Nora, Customer

After Slipping in the bath and breaking her hip Nora was able to call to Alexa for help. She was able to reach Debbie who raised the alarm and help was soon on its way to get Nora back on her feet and into the hospital for treatment. Nora recovered from her injuries after more than three weeks in the hospital—and she now recommends Echo devices to her fellow patients and doctors alike.

“Following Alexa’s information, I brought the pan outside and placed it on the ground and placed a larger pan over the top to suffocate the flames.”
– Harrison, Customer

Harrison was getting ready to cook up katsu chicken curry in the family kitchen. He had prepared the pan with 2cm of oil to fry the chicken, and while reviewing the recipe noticed that the pan had gone up in flames. The fire had reached the extractor fan and, being home alone, Harrison knew he had to act fast. Harrison asked Alexa what to do and after following her instructions he was able to put the pan outside and suffocate the flames with another pan.

“Alexa helped me save my house from burning down.”
– Kayla, Customer

While running errands, Kayla received a notification on her phone from the Alexa Guard feature. The alert informed her that the sound of a fire alarm had been detected in her home, and it included an audio clip for her review. Kayla used her Alexa app to drop in on her Echo Show to look inside her house—and all she saw was smoke. She called the fire brigade and rushed home.

That’s not all…

Alexa has also saved pets from fires and has assisted people recovering in the hospital. So if you think Alexa is a mindless AI worth no more than answering your questions and adding stuff to your shopping basket, think again.

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  1. “Alexa has been providing a helping hand and refusing marriage proposals for 8 years now,”

    Wish I had bought an alexa before I proposed?



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