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The new Amazon FBA Grade and Resell programme is invite only, but offers the opportunity to sell graded items – perhaps returns or distressed stock in your unfulfillable inventory. When you submit an item, Amazon evaluates the condition and creates the listing for you. You set the price and manage the listing as you do for your current new and used items.

“Selling partners who want to resell returned items can take advantage of “FBA Grade and Resell,” which is now available in the UK, and will be available in the U.S. by end of year, and in Germany, France, Italy and Spain by early 2022. This programme gives third party selling partners the option to sell returned products on Amazon as “used” items instead of having them sent back to them or donated.”
– Amazon

To promote the new progremme, Amazon waive the FBA Grade and Resell processing fees for all inventory until the end of 2021. Referral fees and FBA fulfilment fees still apply.

Once the FBA Grade and Resell removal order is submitted, inventory storage fees will cease to accrue for that inventory. For items graded as Used, the clock restarts on long-term storage fees and monthly storage fees once your item is listed. For items graded as Unsellable, standard Amazon storage fees will apply once the item is returned to your unfulfillable inventory.

To ensure a net positive transaction after fees are applied, inventory must have a minimum calculated average sales price (ASP) of £15 in order to be eligible for FBA Grade and Resell. Eligibility is restricted to returned FBA inventory that is in Amazon fulfilment centres.

You will only currently be eligible to use Amazon FBA Grade and Resell if you have received an invite.

How Amazon FBA Grade and Resell works

  • You select items to submit to the programme from your eligible, unfulfillable inventory.
  • An Amazon returns specialist completes a 20-point inspection using a questionnaire tailored to the category of the product and graded items are assigned a condition, such as Used – Like New, Used – Very Good, Used – Good, and Used – Acceptable, based on Amazon’s condition guidelines.
  • At the time of relisting, a processing fee will apply. No processing fee will apply for submitted items that are graded as Unsellable. These items will remain in your unfulfillable inventory.
  • Once items are submitted to the programme, grading and relisting can take up to three weeks. However, this may be extended during peak selling times.
  • A SKU is generated for your used listing under the parent ASIN.
  • You set the price for your items based on the used condition. You manage pricing , advertising and sales using your existing processes, as you do for your new items.
  • By participating in this programme, you agree to the FBA Grade and Resell terms and conditions.


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