What are the barriers to long term ecommerce growth

What are the barriers to long term ecommerce growth

At Tamebay Live in May, Tony Kyberd, Head of Platforms at ecommotors, presented the results of a Tamebay survey in a session titled ‘Your long term ecommerce strategy – a ‘how to’ guide’, which examined the barriers to long term ecommerce growth. You can watch this session on the Tamebay Live website, but today we can also reveal the full results of the survey have been published and are available for you to download from the ecommotors website.

The key findings of the 2021 survey of Tamebay readers reveal lessons learned by ecommerce businesses, the blockers to their growth, and their focus areas for the future. 2020 and the first few months of 2021 ushered in a period of unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the world of retail. We’d like to thank all those who took the time to provide us with their responses which form the lessons, insights and priorities for all sellers.

In this report you will discover the survey findings as well as uncovering the ‘Big 7’ – the 7 areas that will be key to long term ecommerce growth:

  • Survey demographics
  • Activities online and cross-border
  • The story of 2020
  • Systems priorities
  • Reporting priorities
  • Biggest barriers
  • Looking forward
  • Future focus
  • The big 7 areas that will be key to ecommerce prosperity

Download the full report from the ecommotors website.

You can also watch the session in which these results were discussed on the Tamebay Live website or below:

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Some good insight on this whitepaper, it's a tidy package on the whole range of ecommerce aspects. Definitely worth a look if you are looking to drive your ecommerce growth.

Glenn | eCommerce Packaging UK • 24th August 2021 •