Astro Robot vs Astro Dog – You decide!

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Amazon have just announced their new home robot named Astro… inconveniently I have a dog who is also named Astro. Robot Astro boasts a range of helpful abilities around the home, dog Astro is a full-of-life, loyal and friendly Golden Retriever so here it is… Astro robot vs Astro dog – who is better? You decide!

To help with the decision I have compiled a list of positives and negatives of both Astro’s below, cast your votes on the best Astro in the comments!

Astro Dog
Astro Robot

Loves everyone
Has real emotions
Very cute, friendly and fluffy
Gives great hugs
A very good boy
Always ready to play
Can fetch things
Loves walks and adventures outside
Can walk upstairs

Might accept pats from intruders
Hair everywhere
Will follow you everywhere
Swooshie tail knocks things over

Lets you check in on your home
Helps you keep in touch with loved ones
Can patrol your home and keep it safe
Built with privacy and security in mind
Doesn’t need exercise or feeding
Goes only where you want it to
Can deliver calls, messages and reminders
Comes with a detachable cup holder
Can feed your dog treats

Cannot walk upstairs
Doesn’t feel real emotions
Doesn’t go on walks outside
Can’t fetch things
Not very huggable

Of course, Astro the dog and Astro the robot are both fantastic in their own individual ways. Although Astro dog is hard work he is loving and a great companion with a mind of his own, and Astro bot, will help you with daily tasks, keeping your home safe, contacting loved ones and will never refuse!

Considering Astro robot’s ability to keep a home safe, perhaps Astro bot could protect Astro dog and they could be best friends. Would Astro dog and bot be confused when I called their name? How would they know which Astro I was talking to? I’m willing to buy an Amazon robot and find out, I could even be convinced to change my dog’s name to avoid confusion so long as I can have him put on an Amazon 404 error page in recompense.


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