ChannelAdvisor now supports eBay Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA

New ChannelAdvisor Features eBay Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA

ChannelAdvisor have announced that they now support eBay’s newest cost-per-click advertising model Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA, helping brands and retailers unlock their selling potential and stand apart in the increasingly competitive e-commerce marketplace. ChannelAdvisor’s expanded support, designed to increase product visibility and drive online sales, can connect sellers with millions of active browsers and buyers on the eBay marketplace.

With powerful automation and campaign management capabilities, Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA allows eBay sellers in the US, UK, DE, IT, and AU to drive traffic to their listings with access to top of search placement using keyword and budget controls. ChannelAdvisor enables its customers to create, monitor, and manage eBay and other retail media campaigns from one central platform.

“We’re excited to offer advertisers the tools to break through the noise and be seen, Online shoppers have a plethora of options, requiring brands and retailers to strategically position their merchandise at every stage of the buying journey. Our long-standing partnership with eBay continues to meet businesses at their point of need, removing the complexity of selling and advertising online to win the digital shelf. We invite sellers to leverage our expanded support for their success on eBay.”
– Steve Frechette, vice president of product management, ChannelAdvisor

eBay facilitates approximately 1.5 billion live listings for 19 million online sellers, reaching an estimated 159 million consumers worldwide.

“We’re excited to work with ChannelAdvisor to make Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA available to sellers in their network. This is just one of the many investments we’re making to expand our offerings of ad solutions and meet the evolving needs of sellers to run and grow their business,”
– Alex Kazim, VP of Global Advertising and General Manager, eBay

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